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Hiring the Small Business Executive

How to hire executive-level employees who will help your business grow

Great employees – especially leaders – can help a business go from ho-hum to hot in no time. Want to hire the best execs around? Then it’s time to get creative. The best executives are the ones that bring value and a breath of fresh air to the company. And happy employees mean happy customers. Hiring the right executives adds value to your small business...

Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) Key Terms

From the Pocket PC to the iPhone, PDAs have come a long way

Originally, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) were a distinct category of technology that encompassed small hand-held devices. These devices were designed to keep track of appointments, memos and address books in an electronic format that could easily synch with the user's personal computer. As technology has improved, various phones and other hand-held devices have taken on...


Connect to new profits by selling smartphone cell phones

Substantial profits are there for the taking in the robust smartphone market. To open shop, an electronics retailer can add smartphones and smartphone contracts to the store’s offerings, for example, and a small business entrepreneur can open a franchise.Anyone considering an investment in this area should know the state of the market, however. Sales of new and leading...