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IP Telephony Gateways

IP Telephony gateways provide money-saving, efficient communication solutions

IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony is changing the way the world communicates. IP Telephony sends voice and data through the Internet, eliminating the need for a fiber optical network. With new features and improved service, IP Telephony is now a practical communication solution for all business sectors.In order for a business to successfully use this new technology, an Internet...

Small Business VoIP Phone Systems

How to find and select the best local dealer to purchase, install, and manage your new small business VoIP phone system.

The world of small business telecommunications has rapidly evolved. In many cases, legacy analog and digital phone systems from traditional manufacturers have been rendered obsolete and are quickly being replaced by converged voice and data solutions.  

VoIP Equipment and Supplies

Choose the right VoIP equipment for your business needs

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the transmission of the voice through internet networks. VoIP provides the ability to transmit more than one telephone call on the same broadband telephone line. It provides a simple solution for adding another phone line to your business. Often, many features that are very useful to business such as three-way calling, auto redial, call...

VoIP for Small Businesses

10 Things to consider when selecting a VoIP provider

A new breed of VoIP providers can now deliver features that can actually help grow a business and create new revenue streams, instead of just creating functionality for the business’ phone systems.  Next-generation VoIP providers are offering features that may have previously been out of reach financially for the small and medium sized business (SMB) or frankly not in...