Telemarketing Lists Laws and Regulations

Understand telemarketing lists laws and regulations

The rules and regulations surrounding telemarketing directories have changed drastically in recent years, forcing small businesses that rely on buying telemarketing leads for most of their sales to rethink marketing plans completely. Cold calling a telemarketing list is not what it used to be, but telemarketing can still be effective if it is done in the right way.

Telemarketing must be done correctly to be effective. It is important to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of telemarketing lists laws and regulations for the following reasons:

1. Avoid costly fines for the misuse of business telemarketing lists.

2. Get the most effective marketing results with targeted telemarketing lists.

3. Come up with creative marketing tactics that work within the limits of the telemarketing lists laws and regulations.

Understand the laws surrounding telemarketing lists

The federal government established a law forcing direct marketers to comply with the Do Not Call Registry for the purpose of giving consumers the power to limit telemarketing calls to their homes and businesses. The law gives telemarketers a small period of time to cease calling the number registered on the DNC list, and must remove the number from the company's telemarketing phone list upon request from the customer.
Federal Trade Commission website on how to comply with the laws, updated provisions and more. Find the FCC regulations surrounding telemarketing lists at Junk Busters. The American Teleservices Association has released a Regulatory Guide summarizing all of the laws and breaking them down into categories.

Determine consequences for violation of telemarketing list laws

The punishment for violation of telemarketing list laws and regulations are serious and costly, and they could result in fines and charges that could be disastrous for a telemarketing business. Laws allow one free pass in the case of calling a number on the registry, but punishment is immediate for other violations like breaking the call curfews.
Federal Commerce Commission. Read through a press release from the Federal Trade Commission that includes the amounts of fines for violating the laws.

Look into do-not-call lists for telemarketing

There are laws and regulations established for consumers to limit the number of sales calls received by adding their name to a list prohibiting unsolicited calls. Violation of the laws by telemarketers results in a monetary or legal fine, and there are laws on both the state and federal levels. There is a fee for businesses to access do-not-call lists, but they are cheaper for small businesses who only call within a limited number of area codes.
National Do Not Call Registry online. Find state Do Not Call lists at America Inbound.

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