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Finding television dealers that can sell you the right TV for your business

You may want a TV in your office to keep up with stock prices or current news events. You may need one in your conference room for meetings, conferences or training sessions. A television in your waiting area can occupy clients and customers while they wait. Whatever the reason, you'll find plenty of television distributors to help you buy the right TV.

With so many options to choose from, take your time selecting the right television. As you shop at various television wholesalers and distributors, keep the following in mind:

1. As you budget for your new television, ask TV dealers or TV wholesalers about pricing for a wall mount and installation charges.

2. Ask television distributors about a specific TV, but generally speaking, a plasma TV provides a better picture in a dimly lit room, and an LCD TV picture looks better in a room with more light.

3. Enhanced Definition TVs (EDTV) may prove a cost-effective alternative to High Definition TV (HDTV) if your audience sits more than 8 feet away from a 37" to 42" plasma TV.

Shop television dealers for a smaller TV to put in your office

In your office, you likely won't need a large television. To spend as little as possible, go with an old-fashioned cathode ray tube (CRT) TV. One downside to these TVs, however, is that their depth sometimes makes it difficult to find a good place to put them. The price of plasma and LCD TVs keeps going down, so it would be worth your while to consider plasma or LCD wholesale televisions before you spend any money. They generally look better, and you'll appreciate the significantly enhanced picture quality.

Check prices with several wholesale tv distributors for the best conference room TV

Don't forget the size of your conference room, how far away the audience sits from the TV and how wide a viewing angle your seating arrangement dictates as you search for the right TV.

Ensure TV distributors stock TVs with the features you want for your waiting area

The size TV you buy will depend partly on the size of your waiting area. If your business caters to children and you expect children in your waiting area, consider a television with a built-in DVD player to play kid-friendly movies. The DVD player can also play product promotion videos for your business. If you're considering hanging the TV on the wall, consider an LCD TV, which is typically lighter than a plasma television, uses less power and is less susceptible to glare.
  • If you live in a high-altitude location and want to buy a plasma television, make sure it will have a good picture at or above altitudes of 5,500 feet. At high altitudes, some plasma televisions emit an audible noise called mechanical buzz that can occur as your plasma display panel works to equalize pressure and cool itself, so have the tv distributors guarantee that you'll have no problems with the picture.

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