Texas College and University Music Programs

Discover the best university music programs in Texas

College music programs in Texas can be found throughout the state. Music production colleges in Texas, like many music colleges, are commonly housed within a college or university fine arts program. It makes sense that the bigger the university, the more opportunities are available to students.

You will find a variety of music programs within the many music colleges in Texas. Try to narrow your focus a bit before starting the search for a university music program in TX.

1. Investigate a college music program in TX with an eye toward diversity and a variety of programs of study.

2. Try out a performance-focused school of music if your goal is to obtain a performing career.

3. Find out about commercial music, recording and entertainment by delving into the various music business degree programs.

Find Texas college and university music programs that strike a chord with you

Large state entities like Texas State University and the University of Texas offer diversified graduate and undergraduate programs. These schools offer degrees in such areas as music performance, composition and music teacher preparation. Students can focus on voice, organ, piano, woodwind, string or brass instruments.
Texas State University and the University of Texas at Austin if you want the largest variety of music education possibilities. Both have online access to information about admissions and the application process for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Investigate the University of North Texas' college music program

Every music college has a focus. One music college or university may do more with music business, recording technology or music therapy. Larger universities, such as the University of North Texas, which is one of the top Texas university music programs, allow students many performance opportunities while offering choices within a balanced curriculum.
the University of North Texas (UNT) if you are interested in a variety of ensembles to participate in and several undergraduate and graduate programs to choose from. UNT is a public research university and its programs are recognized internationally. Admission information and a video about the school's music program are available online, as is a UNT Ensembles information page.

Consider the overall culture and environment of Texas' college music programs

The music field is large, and there are many music programs out there. If you're pursuing a degree for a career, you need to feel confident that hiring professionals will take you seriously when you seek employment. Diversity of experience will go a long way to satisfying any employer's expectations. Multicultural opportunities will strengthen your musical experience and your resume.
Texas Tech University offers bachelor through doctor degrees from a faculty which include performing specialists on all instruments. A comprehensive listing of music colleges and universities in Texas through US College Search offers an easy way to sort and search for the appropriate college music program in Texas.
  • As you research the right university music program in Texas that fits your needs, keep an open mind about new programs and ideas. You may discover a program you never imagined existed and that fits better than what you initially had in mind.