Texas Foreclosure Listings

How to find listings of foreclosure properties in Texas

Texas foreclosure properties are usually listed at courthouses, but you can also find listings online. As a rule of thumb, mortgage lenders would rather sell real estate that's been foreclosed on than have to take a loss on the property. Because of this, you can get a great deal on foreclosed properties.

If you are ready to find foreclosures in Texas then keep the follow pieces of information in mind:

1. Waiting for your real estate agent to get the perfect deal on Texas foreclosure properties will waste time. You need to do your own shopping.

2. The best place to start looking for a foreclosure list in Texas is at a county courthouse.

3. Funding must be in place before going to the courthouse steps for Texas foreclosure properties auctions. You need to have funding available immediately since once you bid on a foreclosed property, as you have only a few hours to complete the transaction.

Check online Texas foreclosure listings for your county

Look through online Texas foreclosure listings first just to get some idea of what you want. Keep in mind that Texas foreclosures, like other foreclosure properties around the country, go fast.

Have funding for your Texas foreclosure listings ready to go

After mortgage lenders notify real estate owners of a foreclosure in Texas, the property is added to foreclosure listings-Texas specific-with other foreclosures. At the local courthouse you can get an updated list and bid on Texas foreclosure properties.

Find Texas foreclosure properties through your real estate agent

When your time is limited, it's not a bad idea to rely on your real estate agent to find properties for you.
  • Note that sometimes credit union and bank branches will share lists of Texas foreclosures; however, some banks view that as private customer information and aren't willing to share foreclosure listings.