Texas Public Records Basics

Find Texas public records to use in background checks, family research or other circumstances

Conducting a Texas public records search is an easy way to find useful information for a number of circumstances including a Texas background check for potential employees, family vital statistic information or even real estate property information for potential realty purchases. You can get public records for a number of items like court records, marriage and divorce decrees, birth and death certificates, employment verification and others.

Learning a thing or two about Texas public records basics can save you countless hours in your search for information. Finding court documents, driver's records and other helpful information is easy if you know where to look or utilize specialized background check software. Start your TX public records search by:

  1. Conducting Texas court records searches online.
  2. Finding driving records through the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
  3. Looking for other Texas public data like birth and death certificates.

Find Texas criminal records through the online database


Texas public court records are available online through the state's Department of Public Safety Crime Record's Safety division. Find criminal history reports, links to commercial equipment recovery information, sex offender searches and more.

Use the Texas public records database to find driving information


Driving records are available for personal use or as background check information for companies and other organizations. In order to obtain a driving record, you must either be requesting your personal record or have a signed permission from the record holder.

Look for vital statistic information in Texas public records


Vital records such as birth and death certificates are available to immediate family members if the birth was in the last 75 years and death within the last 25 years. If you are not an immediate family member, a notarized authorization by an immediate family member is required. Marriage certificates or divorce certificates can only be obtained from the county in which they were filed. A letter of decree for either is available online through the state's public record request website, but these letters are not always accepted as proof of either.

Searching public records can be an arduous task, especially for small businesses who don't have a lot of extra time and resources. Outsourcing your employee screening to a third-party agency can make sure that you have all the vital records you need to make hiring decisions for your job applicants.

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