Thanking Your Customers

Show your appreciation in order to build customer loyalty

A business without customers is like a lake without water: empty. Keep yours full when you give your customers the service they crave and the gratitude they deserve. Whether a simple, "Thank you," or a more elaborate reward, it pays to thank existing customers. After all, the most loyal customers can:
  1. Save you money on advertising with repeat business.
  2. Give valuable feedback on products and services.
  3. Grow your business with referrals to friends and family.

Just say it

A simple, "Thank you," accomplishes a lot when it comes to customer service. Verbally thank your customers for doing business with you each and every time you see them.

Write notes

Send handwritten thank-you notes to customers after they've made a major purchase; enclose a coupon for their next visit as an extra gesture of appreciation.

Ask for feedback

Flatter customers - and learn how to better serve them - by asking for their opinions.

Reward loyalty

Identify your most loyal customers - with a membership card, for instance - and thank them for their consistent business with special discounts, promotions or gifts.

Share information

Thank customers by keeping them informed. Send reminders about special promotions you're running, notifications about new merchandise you're stocking or newsletters about community events that you're sponsoring.

Remember special occasions

Show your appreciation for your customers by remembering their birthdays, anniversaries or other special days; send a card or handwritten note and enclose a coupon as a gift.

Recognize referrals

Thank customers for referrals with a handwritten note, a phone call or even a small gift. Reinforcing referrals will encourage your customers to continue sending friends and neighbors your way.
  • Avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to thanking your customers; instead, practice one-to-one marketing in order to shower your patrons with personal attention.
  • Promise less, but deliver more; thanking customers with an extra gesture, such as free delivery of a product or complimentary gift-wrap, will go a long way toward demonstrating gratitude.
  • Providing a guarantee on your product or service is a great way to thank customers; it demonstrates trust, validates customer concerns and rewards patrons for their purchase.