Thermal and Plasma Spray Equipment Education and Training

Learn more about thermal and plasma spray systems

Thermal and plasma spraying equipment is used in a huge variety of industries, including automotive and medical professions. If you're planning to work in a field that uses plasma or thermal spraying, it's important to know how to operate, and in some cases maintain and repair, this type of equipment. Those in plasma and thermal spraying equipment manufacturing and supplier jobs may also need to know spraying application basics.

There are many ways to learn about plasma and thermal spray equipment, including online, through classes and through industry events. Some jobs may also require on-the-job training to teach you more about the spray equipment you'll be working with. If you're considering thermal and plasma spray equipment education and training, consider the following:
  1. Take classes to learn metal spray equipment application and safety techniques.
  2. Attend industry events to network with professionals and learn about new models and industry advancements.
  3. Check online for more information on plasma spray equipment basics, or for information on specific types of equipment.

Enroll in classes to find out more about metal spray equipment

Many industry associations, trade schools and colleges offer classes on using a plasma or thermal spray system. These classes can be taken alone, or as part of a degree program. Sometimes, these classes are even available online, allowing you to learn from home. Most classes offer an overview of spray and plasma coating equipment, as well as safety procedures and the application process, leaving you well prepared for a career in the industry.
University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Continue your thermal and plasma spray equipment education at industry events

Industry events like conferences, trade shows and workshops allow you to test out new plasma spray systems, and learn more about new technologies in the field. Workshops are a great place to polish old skills or learn new ones, while conferences can provide important information from plasma spray equipment manufacturers.

Learn thermal and plasma spray equipment basics online

You can find educational information on the thermal spray coating process online through many industry and manufacturer websites. This allows you to learn the basics through self-study, and can be sufficient education for some jobs, like metal spraying equipment suppliers. You can also find information on specific types and uses of thermal and plasma spray equipment that may not be covered in a general class.

  • Some metal spray equipment industry event workshops will give you a certification for attending, fulfilling a class credit for your employer or college program. Talk to your employer or school to find out about continuing education opportunities in your area.

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