Thumb Tacks

Matching the right thumb tack or push pin with the right job

Look around your office, shop, store, factory or warehouse, and you'll probably see at least a few thumbtacks or push pins stuck in walls or cork boards. You may go through dozens at a time or keep a box for a few years; either way, you can always find any type of push pin or thumbtack you need online.

Think about how and where you'll use your thumbtacks or push pins before you order them. For example, thumbtacks will stay put better than push pins when you push them into a wall, while either works well in a cork board. While shopping for thumbtacks and push pins online, also remember the following:

1. For ease of use, choose push pins over thumbtacks if you periodically need to remove or rearrange the items you've attached.

2. Find thumbtacks that blend into a wall or piece of wood if you don't want them to show.

3. Check the minimum quantity or purchase that a particular company requires before you get too far in your search for thumbtacks.

Choose traditional push pins and thumbtacks if style doesn't matter

You can always pick up thumbtacks and push pins on an office supply run, but you can order thumb tacks and other supplies online to save money and time with needless car trips. You'll find wholesale thumb tacks in large quantities, but you'll just as easily find economical pricing for smaller quantities, too.

Order push pins for industrial applications

If you need push pins in an industrial environment or for the product you manufacture, you can find sources online.

Buy decorative push pins and decorative thumbtacks to dress up your bulletin board

Decorative thumb tacks and push pins reflect a little of your personality when added to a cork board or bulletin board to post pictures, menus, contact lists or memos. Custom thumbtacks may cost a little more, but they look great.
  • Don't use pushpins to hang heavy pictures or any picture framed in glass. Since they're not designed to handle a heavy weight, you could end up sweeping glass and replacing frames.

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