Toll Free Numbers Basics

800 numbers for business creates positive spin for your company

800 numbers allow your customers to call you at no charge to them. If someone has a question about your product, they will not hesitate to call, since it will not cost anything. Customers with complaints or problems appreciate a toll free number that allows them to call in with their issue on the company's dime.

Toll free numbers come with indexes of 800, 888, 866 and 877. The last two are lesser known, so if you use one of those, clearly state in your ad that it is toll free. Consider the following when deciding to add 800 phone service to your business:

1. Increase your business with 1-800 numbers.

2. Pick designer toll free numbers for added sales.

3. Select an Internet 1-800 number and save.

Get down to toll free numbers basics by adding a toll free number

Call the phone company you work with now or compare prices with several companies. Toll free numbers usually have a flat charge per month and a per minute fee but check pricing and look for new user specials.

Add a special 1-800 number to your line for more business

Designer phone numbers are easy for your customers to remember so they will call more. Pick something easy to remember and related to your business.

Use VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) for your toll free phone numbers

Use your existing broadband Internet connection to make and receive calls and program your toll free number to work in conjunction with the Internet.
  • When you buy toll free number with VoIP, it is typically less expensive than traditional phones, but be aware that if you lose your Internet connection you will also lose your phone service.

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