Total Quality Management News and Trends

Keep up with the industry total quality management news and trends

Review elements of total quality management (TQM) for resources that keep you informed. Stay abreast of industry developments through articles on total quality management, journal research-data, postings on blogs, conferences and seminars, trade associations, product updates, community forums and other types of TQM information.

Transfer findings to your business team by incorporating TQM theory into company operations. Familiarize yourself with Six Sigma, a leading total quality management tool that uses statistics to gauge the quality of work your business provides. The total quality management system refers to exceptional relations with customers, results-focused improvement of managerial skills and data directed fact-finding.

1. Study total quality management articles.

2. Attend industry events to keep up with new developments.

3. Participate in educational and networking programs.

Access literature to stay on top of total quality management news and trends

Read journal articles, magazines, blog updates, newsletters and other resources about total quality management systems. Such sources are replete with the latest trends in TQM data management, emerging industry leaders, total quality management in business case studies and other intelligence.

Take part in seminars and associations to stay connected to TQM information

Joining a trade association is a great way to keep up with TQM news and trends. Look for membership that includes resources, tools and networking opportunities. In addition, attend seminars and trainings to keep current on TQM issues. Find companies with a successful history of providing total quality management training.

Communicate in forums to stay abreast of total quality management theories

Interacting in community forums is another way to keep on top of news and trends in total quality management. Community networks generally bring together industry experts and leaders to exchange ideas, career updates and research for specific topics.
  • Gain a historical perspective of total quality management by researching W. Edwards Deming, the individual who founded total quality management.