Training for Construction Project Bidding

Advance in your career with training for construction project bidding

Construction bidding jobs are widely available in both the private and public sector nationwide. You can land jobs in construction bidding if you come to the table with the right credentials. While entry-level positions handling construction project bids are prolific, the better paying jobs in construction bidding require industry knowledge that only comes from training and experience. To pursue careers in bidding for construction projects you should accumulate as many certificates and degrees as you can.

Look for training opportunities in construction bidding through online construction job costing programs and through contacts and connections you can make in the industry. Use all the tools available to you to find the best education in commercial construction bidding. There are a number of avenues you should pursue as you continually upgrade your training for construction project bidding.

1. Peruse online training in construction job costing

2. Find training in through construction bidding trade groups

3. Enlist the help of construction job costing experts

Watch for training for online construction bids

Take the time to regularly watch the employment sites, as you look for opportunities online to advance your construction bidding career. You'll find a number of online training programs that will be most helpful as you search to upgrade your skills and credentials. Check out the requirements and look for training to make you more suitable for the position you seek.

Look for construction projects training through associations

While you are pursuing a career in construction job costing, you also should be accruing a list of connections that will help you throughout your career. Trade associations are great places to get involved with experienced professionals and make those important contacts. At the same time, most associations offer a wide variety of professional development courses that will look good on your resume.

Enroll with construction project bidding programs

Recruiters and headhunters know the landscape and can point you in the direction of the companies that may hire rookie project bidders to help estimate construction project bids. Send your resume to recruiters so that they can at least know about your credentials and your availability. Update the service with a new resume after you complete additional certificate courses.
ITT Tech can provide the opportunity to get a bachelors degree online in construction management which will include complete training in the bidding process.
  • Find a construction bidding manager that is willing to mentor you while you continue your training in construction bid leads.