Training for Real Estate Development

Enhance your career options with training for real estate development

Real estate development companies are always interested in talking to qualified candidates. While you may have to start out in the real estate development industry with an entry-level position, with additional real estate development software training and certifications, you can move up into more lucrative jobs. Training and professional development opportunities abound in the real estate business development industry.

Get every kind of training for real estate developers that you can. Ask your employer to pay for land development courses and commercial real estate development association fees so that you can take advantage of the many training opportunities they offer. Look for training for real estate development in a variety of places.

1. Join real estate company trade groups for training opportunities

2. Look for online commercial real estate development training

3. Get real estate development tools through certifications

Participate in real estate development business groups

Most trade associations offer continuing education and professional development courses for their members. Some groups can guide you to special certification courses that will help you advance your career while offering events and meetings at which you can meet other professionals and find out about other training options.

Try web-based real estate development training

Keep an eye out for the trends that are leading the industry to point you to the training that you need to meet the demands of the times. Consider the requirements of the jobs you might like to pursue and find out what certificates or training you can get to make yourself a desirable candidate.

Get an MBA in commercial real estate development

For an all-around education in real estate development, go for an MBA with a specialization in residential or commercial real estate development. Many of the top business schools train real estate developers.
The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University are two of the real estate development MBA programs offered at leading B-schools.

Find out about required real estate development industry training

Whether you want to advance an already successful career or are looking to break into a new business, you need to find out where the jobs are and who's making it. Read up on industry trends to find out what kinds of credentials and certifications are necessary for the kind of advancement you're seeking.
Check out Neighbor Works for credentialing requirements and certification courses. Try the programs and mentoring program in real estate development at Real Estate Development Coach.
  • Once you complete a real estate development business certificate or seminar, add it to your resume so that you'll be ready when you find a position you're interested in applying for.