Transporting Livestock by Truck Key Terms

Learn more about your hauling options by reading up on some livestock transport key terms

With a variety of different livestock transport options available, becoming familiar with different types will help you choose the best option for each transport application. Horses, cattle and smaller animals require different types of accommodations. If you know the right type of equipment to use, you can also keep animals healthy and uninjured during their ride. Transporting livestock key terms can help you choose the right livestock transport options for your needs.

Livestock trailer

A trailer is an unpowered carrying vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle. The livestock trailer is designed with special features for animal safety and walls that have holes to promote ventilation.

Livestock safety cushion (LSC)

The livestock safety cushion is a soft barrier installed in livestock transport vehicles that protects the animals from bruising. Bruising occurs during the haul when animals come in contact with the sides of the truck or trailer.

Bumper pull

A bumper pull trailer, also known as a tag along or a pull behind, is connected to the pulling vehicle by a hitch at the bumper.


A gooseneck is a type of trailer that attaches inside the bed of the hauling vehicle. With its shape, this trailer distributes the carrying weight differently than a pull behind and can carry higher capacity loads.

Livestock hauler or livestock transportation service

A livestock hauler is hired to transport livestock from one location to another. A company that specializes in hauling is considered a livestock transportation service.

Livestock truck box

A livestock truck box fits into the flatbed of a standard size pickup truck. It's useful for the producer who needs to haul a low number of smaller animals

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