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How to keep current with the latest on working uniforms

Today's styles and trends move so quickly that it can be hard to update your uniforms accordingly. The messages your company uniforms send about your business are closely related to the public psyche and its current perception of style, so staying on top of the latest uniforms news and trends can give you an edge in making sure your uniforms effectively convey the right image.

Instead of focusing exclusively on local competition and adjusting your uniforms accordingly, look beyond your town, city or state to the world beyond and draw upon the best inspiration you can find. This approach will turn you into an innovator of office uniform designs instead of a follower. Here are just a few of the places to look for uniforms news and trends:

1. Glossy magazines dedicated to working uniforms;

2. Websites that filter or aggregate news pertaining to uniforms;

3. Blogs that focus on the latest uniforms news and trends.

Sidestep the uniform companies and read a good magazine instead

Both Uniforms magazine and Made to Measure magazine deal with issues faced by the professional work force, but they're about more than publishing glossy photos of office uniforms. Both publications also provide useful information about various industry and service uniforms, such as fire fighter or police uniforms, and can keep you up-to-date on news and trends related to specific employment uniforms such as nursing scrubs.

Use dedicated websites to filter news about sports and business uniforms

From sports to office to hotel uniforms, finding an enthusiastic organization that's willing to dedicate its time and energy to either writing about uniform news, trends and history or aggregating stories about uniforms from across the Internet, will save you the time of searching stories out yourself.

Hook up with uniforms news and trends in professional blogs

Frequently updated weblogs dedicated to the latest in workplace and office uniform designs are one of the best resources for up-to-date information. Visiting these sites will also give you the opportunity to become familiar with individual bloggers' distinctive personal voice and views.
  • Remember that smart suppliers of workplace uniforms will pay attention not only to the latest news and trends but also to reliable wardrobe staples that will stay in style--and thus guarantee a good return on your investment--for many years.

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