United States Military Bases

Information on selling and leasing US military bases stateside and abroad

In the last decade or so, the United States military has shifted from a garrison military to a global expeditionary force, which has required a restructuring of US military bases. A process called Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) was enacted by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Congress to close more than 350 excess military installations. The most recent list of bases recommended for closure was enacted in 2005 and will be implemented by 2011.

All of these base closings offer an opportunity for a savvy business owner. Decommissioned United States military bases can be a great real estate opportunities for expanding companies wishing to expand or relocate. In order to provide a fair closure and realignment process, most military departments are working with LRA's (local reuse authorities) to sell and lease surplus property:

1. Find out which bases were recently closed, or are slated for the next round of closures (approved in 2005)

2. Review where the US military has a presence by consulting the most current maps

3. Get in touch with the proper authorities to begin the process of purchasing or leasing a decommissioned base

Familiarize yourself with US military bases that have closed or are slated for closure by 2011

The DoD BRAC page provides invaluable information for the most current round of closures, but it is also important to see what bases were closed in previous rounds. This will help you make an informed decision about which base locations would work best for you and your business.

Become aware of the locations of United States overseas military bases, as well as local

There are a number of resources available to bring you up to speed on the locations of US military bases. You can see where we have bases now, and get a good idea the types of locations the military typically chooses.

Consult the local LRA for information on military bases for lease or sale

Going through the proper channels is a vital aspect in leasing or purchasing decommissioned bases of any kind, whether they are US naval bases, Army bases, or Air Force bases. Be sure to contact the local reuse authorities to start the process.
Government Printing Office offers the GPO Access service, which allows you to searchable record which list the stated LRA's for each base. Search Volume 71 for "LRA Name," and you will retrieve a list of LRA's that have placed their notifications in the Federal Register. Scribd offers a reprint of one of the Federal Registers listing LRA Names as well.
  • Reusing a military base has its benefits, but there are definitely certain things to be aware of. Most installations need environmental remediation, with buildings built to outdated code standards, or other prohibitive environmental hazards. Previous policy stated that transfer of land could not be completed until remediation was complete, but statute changes now allow the transfer as long as there is a responsible, fully funded environmental plan in place.