Universal Messaging

Keep track of your messages with universal messaging companies

In today's world, emails, phone calls and text messages can add up in a hurry, taking up precious moments of your time while you go from device to device to get all of your messages. Universal messaging services eliminate the need for having to log on to your email, voicemail and other messaging services as all of your messages are gathered into one place.

1. A universal messaging system allows you to get your messages on the go, when you're away from your computer and office.

2. Universal messaging for IP telephony frees up your personal assistants for more productive work.

3. Unified messaging providers give you various options to retrieve faxes, get emails and hear phone messages.

A unified messaging provider can help you streamline your business and make you more efficient. A universal messaging system is becoming increasingly popular in today's business world because of its usefulness and versatility.

Consider which accounts you want to include in a universal messaging service

Some people want to include all of their accounts in the service, while others prefer to only include a few. Consider how much you'll use services like faxing, texting, email and instant messaging. Keep in mind that some universal messaging services will require particular email providers in order to work.

Choose a universal messaging plan that meets your needs

Most universal messaging companies offer different plans for different monthly fees. Consider what you need and weigh the prices of the plans to find one that will work for you. If a certain function is crucial for your business, make sure that the plan includes it.

Ask for a free trial or pay per month for universal messaging services

If at all possible, avoid signing long contracts or monthly plans that have a penalty for withdrawing before a certain date. Trying the interface yourself can tell you a lot about whether you'll find the service effective in the long run. Some universal messaging for IP telephony may require that you open multiple windows to read your faxes, messages and emails, which some people find to be a hassle.

  • Some people find universal messaging systems that offer voice recognition very helpful. You may not always have a computer available and using the telephone keypad to navigate through all of your messages can be frustrating.

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