UPS Batteries

UPS batteries can rescue your IT technology systems, but they can waste energy too

Most companies know UPS replacement batteries are a must to protect computer equipment throughout their organization. What they may not know is there are some green solutions to UPS batteries that will use less energy, do less harm to the environment and save money too.

UPS battery distributors carry an ever-enlarging group of environmentally friendly UPS solutions that you might not know exist. When choosing a green UPS battery supplier, here are some questions to think about before your choose their technology:

1. Ask about the reliability of their green products, and how they compare to traditional UPS battery back-ups

2. Determine what green technology (e.g., flywheel versus superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES)) is best for your UPS needs

3. Make sure they recycle old UPS units and batteries

Buy battery back ups, but know your environment first

Take note of the electronic environment that you need protected when you contact providers of UPS batteries. Ask yourself questions like, How much equipment will be connected to your UPS system? How reliable is your local electricity provider? How long do you need to ensure your operation stays up and running without power? Answering questions like these will help you choose the right UPS battery replacement for your needs.

Understand the difference in green UPS battery replacement technologies

There are two major types of energy efficient UPS replacement battery technologies - flywheels and SMES, and each is best for certain large and small business applications.

Recycle UPS batteries properly

No batteries should be put out with regular garbage pick-up because they contain dangerous chemicals such as lead. Because of the large size of UPS batteries, they require special handling. Some UPS battery suppliers will recycle them for you. You can also take them to auto repair shops that accept car batteries.
  • If you are buying a stand-by, or "off-line," UPS, remember the system turns on only when the incoming voltage spikes or sags enough to trip the system, and this process takes some fixed time. Purchase a UPS with the fastest trip time you can afford to avoid losing data in the interim.

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