US Based Air Courier Services

Air courier services help you expedite precious cargo

US air couriers help you send your packages rapidly and with great care. Their services keep you competitive by delivering top-notch products fast. Whether it’s merchandise or a recovery package, air courier services deliver.

US based air courier services come in all shapes and sizes, and most would bend over backwards to earn your business. Shop around and find the one that will be a good fit for your geographic area, then work with them to come to your price point.

To find an air courier service to fit you:

1. Start local and work your way out when looking for US couriers. The smaller the distance the courier has to go to reach you, the lower your shipping costs are going to be on both ends.

2. Look to a regional hub if you don’t have a close air courier company in your region.

3. Consider a national service as your next option.

Find US air couriers online

As you begin your search, look to the wide variety of carriers available to choose from on the web. Determine feasibility of their air courier service based on distance from you and price. Look to service providers like Direct Rush or National Air Cargo.

Look at big companies for air courier services

US based air courier services Fed-ex and UPS both offer services to hand carry your goods from sender to destination. Often times, this will keep your package out of the customs abyss as the courier can claim it as part of his or her luggage.

Set up an account with your US courier

Work with your air courier service to set up an account with them, while at the same time negotiate your shipping rate. See what kinds of discounts apply based on the amount US national courier service you will need.

Seek a US courier that also offers international services

You never know when the need will arise that you need to ship an international package. If you work with a company that already offers you discounted rates, you don't have to ship a single international package at a higher rate through an untested company.
  • When choosing a company ask what their on-time delivery percentage is and ask to speak to references.

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