USB Cables Pricing and Costs

Get the right price on the types of USB cables you need

USB data cables, also known as USB 2.0 cables, are used to connect personal computers with a range of peripheral devices, from printers and scanners to cell phones, portable music players and cameras. Because USB cables are so commonly used, a standard USB cable can be found for a low price of $5 to $15, depending on the cord length.

USB cables pricing and costs are also affected by additional features. Other options for USB cables include extension cables, the prices of which vary depending on the length of the cord, and cables that include USB hubs for expanding your access to USB ports. Both USB extension cables and hubs make your USB connectors easier to use in any situation.

When estimating USB cables pricing and costs, consider each of the following options:
  1. Get low rates on basic USB cables and connectors;
  2. Purchase extensions for USB cables to increase the utility of your cables;
  3. Find USB cables with expanded hubs for affordable convenience.

Purchase USB data cables on a budget

USB printer cables and USB cables for other peripheral devices are A/B connectors, the most common type of USB cable. These cables contain two male ends, one that is square and connects to the peripheral, and another that is rectangular and plugs into the USB port on the computer. Standard A/B cables are typically priced around $6 to $8 per three feet of cord.

Get more for your money with USB extension cables

A USB extender can increase the length of your existing USB cables without requiring you to buy a new USB cable. USB extension cables come in a wide range of different lengths, from 6 feet to 65 feet, and thus have a wide variety in terms in cost as well. Extension cables may cost just a few dollars for the shortest options, while the longest cords are priced at $80 or more.

Buy USB cables with hub expansions to expand your USB access for cheap

While most computers only provide ports for a few USB data cables, USB hubs are often used to increase a computer's capacity for USB devices to be connected simultaneously. While some USB hubs can be quite costly, basic USB cables that also function as a 4-hub expansion can be found for an affordable rate of $10 to $20.

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