Using Business Debt Consolidation

Using business debt consolidation is a great way to manage excessive debt

Using business debt consolidation loans is a common way for businesses to get their finances back on track by paying off debts with multiple creditors. A business consolidation loan allows businesses to obtain one loan to pay off other business debts. This means that rather than making multiple monthly payments to different creditors, businesses can make one monthly loan payment.

A key benefit of a business credit consolidation loan is that, in most cases, it helps businesses lower their overall interest rate by offering one fixed rate to pay off debts with other creditors. Consider taking the following steps to weigh the benefits of using debt consolidation loans to consolidate business debt:

1. Determine if consolidating business debt is right for you.

2. Learn more about the types of business debt consolidation loans available.

3. Review features of business debt consolidation loans and other business debt reduction products.

Evaluate your need for a business debt consolidation loan

Excessive business debt can be incurred due to business expansions, unexpected expenses and poor management. Generally when your business expenses exceed your revenues, its time to start exploring business debt reduction products, such as a business credit consolidation loan.

Research different types of business debt consolidation loans

There are unsecured and secured business credit consolidation loans available to help businesses better manage their debt. In short, an unsecured business debt consolidation loan won't require collateral. Conversely, a secured corporate debt consolidation loan will require some type of valuable property as collateral in the event you default on the loan.

Compare business debt consolidation loans and commercial debt counseling

Businesses often confuse a business debt consolidation loan with commercial debt counseling. Commercial debt counseling is a service in which a debt counselor helps businesses settle debt with creditors and provides advice on how businesses can better manage their finances. Commercial debt counseling is a service and doesn't include a business debt consolidation loan. In most cases, the counselor will negotiate a lower credit balance or interest rate with creditors. Be sure to inquire about any negative affects this debt consolidation product could have on your credit rating.
  • A business debt consolidation loan is designed to help you get back on track, but it's your responsibility to shield your company from getting in another situation in which your expenses exceed your revenue. It's a good idea to seek consultation services from a financial planner to help you learn ways to better manage your debt.

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