Using GPS Tracking

A survey of several general applications for using GPS tracking in business scenarios

The relatively new technology known as GPS tracking or Global Positioning Systems is valuable to our modern world in many ways. From vehicles to people, animals and objects, GPS tracking can apply to nearly anything (excluding gases and liquids) for various purposes. Businesses across many industries use GPS in different ways for diverse goals.

Managers and buyers can find GPS tracking and other solutions for a business online according to how they want to use the technology to locate or track items on a continual basis. These are just some of the ways businesses use GPS today:

1. For fleet monitoring and GPS tracking attached to vehicles to see where trucks or cars are on the road or stationary locations.

2. To monitor wildlife with GPS tracker devices in a research capacity, for example, for businesses doing outsourcing for corporate or federal agencies.

3. To provide ongoing location support for tools or infrastructure using GPS/GIS tagging and GPS tracking system equipment.

Find GPS tracking solutions for vehicle and fleet tracking

One main use for GPS tracking for large businesses in the transit world is for tagging vehicles. GPS solutions help dispatch and top staff see where all vehicles are on the road and improve routing, fuel efficiency, timeline tracking and more. Lots of companies focus in on fleet management, offering specific vehicle GPS options and information.

Find GPS tracking options for animal tracking

For other kinds of businesses, GPS enables advanced research through tagging either wildlife or domestic animals. Some agricultural industries utilize GPS, as do research firms that tag all kinds of creatures to get detailed ecological and species information.
USDA Agricultural Research Service online resources outline animal tracking from a GPS perspective as part of the work this government agency does in partnership with businesses for the future of domestic livestock. Learn more about animal tracking for research with collars and other tools at Telemetry Solutions.

Get more on GPS tracking and GIS for asset tagging and inventory handling

Another huge application of GPS is in the combination of GPS and GIS or Geographic Informational Services. Much of GIS is just GPS applied to usually static objects from signs and surveying equipment to large appliances. Businesses from municipal contractors to consumer service agencies use GPS and GIS to keep track of a range of material assets.
Look for info on a range of GPS and GIS solutions agencies and businesses can use for asset tracking at ABI Research. Learn more about asset tagging with GIS/GPS at SAIC Enterprise Applications: "From Science to Solutions.”
  • Learn the ramifications of GPS tracking devices before setting them up in the field. There may be issues with recovery of these objects in some cases that can have a bearing on your intended use. Consult with vendors before setting up the fine details of your program.

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