Using Personal Information Management (PIM) Software

Discover ways of using personal information management (PIM) software to organize business data

Instead of filing cabinets, companies are increasingly using personal information management (PIM) software. The PIM software allows businesses to organize, store, and easily retrieve information files about employees, clients, customers, and distributors.

Using personal information management software, businesses keep track of birthdays, cell phone numbers, addresses, important dates, appointments, and more. Analyze the possibilities of using personal information management (PIM) software, and consider the following:

1. Companies customize personal information management software fields to meet their needs.

2. Personal manager software targets clients for advertising.

3. Personal information manager software organizes and condenses bulky files.

See how childcare centers use personal information management software to keep track of children

Childcare centers keep close track of the personal information of their children. They must know all adults and phone numbers associated with each child. Most childcare centers are also very aware of the birthdays of the children. Simply place all of the personal information of each child into the PIM software. Users may sort the information by alphabetical order or by the birth month of the children or any other way needed. If a child gets hurt, quickly retrieve the child's contact information.

Use personal information management software to customize flyers and sale notices to customers

Many businesses choose to use personal information management software to customize their direction of sales. The user inputs data such as male and female, married, and number of children. Sellers direct flyers and notices of sales for children's items and toys to those with children only. Also, enter special interests and buying habits. Group customers with similar characteristics together and send special notices on frequently purchased items to them.

Store employee information using personal information management (PIM) software

With personal manager software, easily gain access to the information you need for contacting employees. Store cell phone numbers, addresses, and family contacts. Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries to place on memos or announce to the company. If you have company vehicles, use PIM software to record tag numbers, makes, and models of vehicles driven by each individual.

  • Keep in mind that technology can fail. Always keep a back up of any important information you do not want to lose from your business personal information manager. Save information stored in personal information management programs on flash drives or discs.

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