Vehicle Tracking Basics

Increase efficiency with GPS vehicle tracking

GPS vehicle tracking systems provide geographical locations by utilizing a constellation of 24 to 32 satellites located 12,000 miles above the earth that transmit signals to the earth’s surface where they are received by GPS receivers. When the GPS receiver acquires the signal, it determines the geographic location through triangulation.

GPS tracking systems are beneficial to businesses. Besides providing directions from one location to another, vehicle tracking software can assist businesses with their fleet and route management in addition to monitoring their employee’s activities and driving habits. GPS tracking software can also aide law enforcement in recovering stolen vehicles.

Vehicle tracking basics to consider before investing in a system include:

1. How much are you willing to invest in fleet tracking software?

2. Do your needs require “active” vehicle tracking systems which provides you with real time data, or that of a “passive’ vehicle tracking device which allows you to download data at a later time.

3. Have you asked employees if they would like specific features included on the vehicle tracking equipment? This will help prevent the investment in vehicle tracking tools that do not meet the needs or have no value to your employees.

Determine if you want a "real time" or "passive" vehicle tracking system

If you need to know the exact location of your vehicles at any given time, you will want to purchase a "real time" vehicle tracker. On the other hand, if you were only interested in where a vehicle traveled during the day, you would want to opt for a "passive" tracking system.

Consult GPS vehicle tracking system distributors and suppliers learn the vehicle tracking basics

There are a number of vehicle tracking systems available online and in stores and deciding which vehicle tracking system is best for your business can be overwhelming. Discussing your needs with distributors and suppliers of vehicle tracking systems will allow you to purchase the system that meets your requirements.

Get insurance discounts for utilizing vehicle tracking system

Some insurance companies regard vehicle tracking systems to be an anti-theft device and offer discounts for installing vehicle tracker devices on fleets, while some states have mandated anti-theft device discounts. You should also notify your insurance company if you utilize fleet tracking software that monitors driving activities of your employees.
  • Ask the vehicle tracking supplier and/or distributor you are working with to provide you a free trial period for you to test their product on a few of your vehicles. This will be beneficial for you in terms of the feedback received from employees regarding the product's ease of use and any difficulties they encountered.

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