Verizon Web Site Services

Make the most of your business's website with Verizon web hosting

Verizon web site services offers a variety of services for your business. Verizon web site solutions include business e-mail packages, domain name registration or transfer and web hosting for your business's website.

Some features of Verizon web hosting that may benefit your business include:
  1. Secure business e-mail for messages containing private information.
  2. Business packages offering secure payment options for selling your products or services.
  3. Technical support with Verizon web service that is available 24/7.
  4. A 6- to 10-page website creation tool that includes Verizon web design.
  5. A basic plan with Verizon web site services offers security options and daily data backup.
  6. Expand your site as your business grows with Verizon website building. A premium package comes with site statistics to help you monitor traffic.

Compare web hosting plans with Verizon web services

Do you need e-mail for 15 or 50 employees? How much disk space will your business require and how many pages will makeup your website? Does your business need a blog? How large of a site will you ultimately have? Answering these questions will help you narrow down a plan from Verizon web services' offerings. Also, you can compare these against other web hosting options to make sure Verizon's solutions are the right option for your business.

Check out the technical support for Verizon website hosting

Remember, if your site is down, you are losing business. Your business's online presence likely needs to be working 24/7. Therefore, your web site hosting company should do so as well. Verizon offers round-the-clock technical support to keep your business running. What else can they offer for technical help? Ask if you will get a dedicated server or shared server. Which one you need depends on the size of your business. Make sure your software needs also fit what Verizon website services offers.

Plan on hiring a designer as Verizon's web design doesn't include many templates

You likely will need to have a web designer of some sort do the design of your site. Verizon offers tips on what to consider in designing, but does not include templates to build a site for your business.

  • Verizon's business sites for small businesses are built mainly now by It may be a good resource for your business for building a site and advertising your business.
  • Make sure to list your business site with popular search engines and directories. As your site grows online, you may want to use paid-for positioning with search engines.