Visitor Management Software Advice and Ratings

Do some research before you choose a visitor management software provider

To find visitor management software that works for your facility, you'll need to review both technical and logistic concerns. Security personnel use this type of software to identify visitors, perhaps run a background check on them, and print ID cards that give them access to certain parts of the facility. You may need to set up multiple access points to effectively screen visitors, and make sure the screening system you have in place is effective.

Visitor management software is often closely related to, or a part of, identity management access control software that limits who has access to a building or electronic network. Therefore, you may need to think about how a program will integrate with any software system you currently have in place. When reading visitor management software advice and ratings, be on the lookout for:

1. Programs that provide accurate background checks -- what databases, if any, do they access?

2. The benefits of software that requires a government issued ID to make a temporary pass, vs. having security personnel enter information into the system.

3. Visitor management software that is easy and quick to use, and still effective.

Read security industry trade publications to get visitor management software information

Perhaps the most in-depth visitor management software advice and ratings come from independent trade publications geared to the security industry. With the many, many types of security software on the market, these reviews are a good starting point as you determine the types of features available and which are necessary to manage access to your facility.

Review articles that discuss visitor management software features and best practices

Reading about visitor management software can give you a lot of background information. You'll discover who is implementing these programs and why. You'll also discover the pitfalls of bad access control systems and the features that made other systems successful. Often, the advice you'll find is as much about implementation and security practices as it is choosing the right software.

Mine information from a visitor management software directory

To avoid being overwhelmed by the options, you should make a list of the features you need from a visitor management software. Must it integrate with your current access control software? Do you need a program that searches national databases? How about a software that lets visitors register appointments online? By knowing what you need, you can easily cut the time you spend browsing a visitor management software list.