VoIP Solutions Installation and Maintenance

Get help with installation and maintenance of IP telephony business solutions

IP telephony solutions and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) refers to two possible business phone solutions. VoIP is an alternate to a landline service, where calls go out over the Internet instead of the phone lines. You can use this instead of or in addition to land-based phone service, depending on your needs. IP telephony can also refer to a business phone system that handles calls within an office, whether or not the actual outside calls go over the Internet or phone lines.

There are many issues which arise when you switch to VoIP service, some of which you can avoid by planning ahead before switching. Tips for VoIP solutions installation and maintenance include the following things:

  1. Consider keeping your fax machine's landline if you rely on quality fax transmissions for your business, especially if you frequently send faxes longer than four pages.
  2. Be careful when choosing a VoIP phone line if you have a credit card verifying machine or alarm system that uses the phone system.
  3. Set up a non-VoIP backup number that can forward your calls if the broadband connection is down. 
  4. Adjust the settings for bandwidth usage to find the best balance between voice quality and network bandwidth.

Learn how to install VoIP business solutions yourself


When you sign up for a VoIP phone line, installation is fairly simple and easy to do yourself. If you are someone who is comfortable taking a new computer out of the box and hooking up the cables, you can install a VoIP device yourself. An IP PBX system for a business has more components, making it more complicated, so you might want technical help unless you have experience with PBX phone systems.

Get professional installation of VoIP solutions


Many providers of VoIP solutions for business also provide professional installation. There are also many certified third party providers of installation and maintenance services that work on specific brands of equipment.

Look into options for maintenance of IP telephony solutions


Maintenance often involves troubleshooting problems within your business phone system. You can find information online to help you do this yourself, or you can find a company willing to do it for you, either on a per-incident basis or as part of a maintenance contract.

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