Wells Fargo Small Business Loans

How to find the Wells Fargo small business loan that's right for your company

Wells Fargo SBA loans, called Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, are available to entrepreneurs who wish to open a new business as well as established small business owners.

The dreams, visions and tenacity of business entrepreneurs have shaped our country since its inception. Oftentimes the success of a small business begins with Wells Fargo small business financing.

Wells Fargo offers a wide variety of loan products. If you don't find one that's exactly what you're looking for, talk to a loan officer about the possibility of customizing a loan package for you. It never hurts to ask.

A few Wells Fargo bank small business loans include:

  1. SBA 7(a) Term Loan
  2. SBA Express Loan
  3. SBA 504 Term Loan
  4. Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage®

Determine which Wells Fargo small business loan you need

Refer to your business model or business plan to determine which Wells Fargo business loans suit your needs, as well as how you'll divide your proceeds. The SBA 7(a) Term Loan guarantee cannot exceed $1,500,000 and has a ceiling of $4,000,000. The SBA Express loan ranges from $100,000 to $250,000. The Wells Fargo Small Business Advantage loan ranges from $5,000 to $100,000.
loans for a new, start-up business loan, depending on other factors.

Choose how to disburse your Wells Fargo small business loans

Wells Fargo business loans can be used for working capital, fixtures, inventory, business acquisitions and so forth. If you need to purchase land and/or buildings for your new business, consider the SBA 7(a) Term Loan or the Express. These loans share many of the same features, but you can only borrow up to $250,000 with the Express.

Secure a Wells Fargo small business loan to strengthen an existing business

If you are considering a SBA loan for an existing business, the SBA 504 Term Loan size ranges from $150,000 to $3,000,000. You'll need a net worth of $6MM or less, and net profit after taxes of $2MM to qualify.
SBA 504 Term Loan for existing, for-profit businesses that need an infusion of funds.

To obtain a Wells Fargo business loan, present collateral

Wells Fargo requires collateral for all loans listed above. Wells Fargo may take a secured interest in the business assets, real estate, or equipment and machinery.

Use Wells Fargo Small Business Lending to safeguard your projections

Since none of us can guarantee sales for the future, consider applying for a revolving line of credit as a hedge against the unexpected.
  • Ask business associates and friends about their experiences with Wells Fargo bank small business loan products or Wells Fargo business lines of credit. First-hand information can be invaluable.