Wine Importers and Exporters

Drink a toast to the art and business of importing and exporting wine

Wine importers and exporters put people in touch with the wines of the world, importing wine for US consumption and developing new markets for the products of US vineyards. It's a business on the upswing, with US per capita wine consumption hitting a new high of 3.02 gallons per capita in 2007, and both the wine importing sector and sales of US export wines setting new records.

The US import-export wine universe includes winemakers, wine import companies, wine exporters and US wine distributors. Wine importers and exporters know that this is also a business in which the consumer—whether it's the individual wine enthusiast, the retailer or the restaurant wine buyer—plays a passionate role. If you have a stake in the wine world, use Internet resources to:

1. Network with wine importers and exporters and get up-to-date industry information and professional resources.

2. Establish relationships with US wine importers and US wine distributors to find the best wine imports—which represent 35% of US wine consumption—for restaurant or retail.

3. Join regional coalitions to maximize the marketing power of US wine exporters, expected to soar as new markets like China make the most of a favorable dollar exchange rate.

Network with wine importers and wine exporters

Whether you're in the wine import business or exporting wine yourself, or interested in connecting with US wine distributors for your restaurant or beverage retail business, take advantage of trade associations and business networks to get import-export wine leads.

Savor classic European favorites from wine import companies

Get the best of the best when you deal with US wine importers who specialize in the great winegrowing regions of France, Italy and Germany. Look for a wine importer with insider contacts to help you acquire great bottles and boutique vintages for your restaurant or wine shop.

Go farther afield for wine imports from new global producers

Winegrowing regions outside of Europe are gaining in US popularity. Offer your customers a taste of the wider wine world with selections from US wine importers representing growing global producers.

Join a coalition to get help exporting wine

US winemakers essentially run their own wine export business, regulated by the US Department of Agriculture as well as international trade agreements. Join a regional wine marketing group to pool resources when you want to export wines.

  • Watch industry calendars for local wine events, at which you can sample the wares of US wine importers and exporters or feature your own wine importing business.

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