Wire Stripper Types and Styles

Compare different styles of industrial wire strippers

Industrial wire strippers come in a variety of styles and sizes. Wire strippers can be used to manually remove the casing on electrical wires, coaxial cable and more. They also come in automatic versions that do all the work with a click of a button. Other wire strippers include thermal strippers and chemical strippers.

From the chemical stripper that strips magnetic wire to the thermal stripper that uses heat to remove wire insulation, wire stripper types and styles are used in many different industrial situations. Choose a wire stripper only after you:

1. Compare the manual and automatic basic industrial wire stripper and its uses.

2. Consider the available types of thermal strippers.

3. Review the chemical stripping process.

Review the basic industrial wire stripper

Manual wire strippers are the basic form of wire stripping seen in everyday electrical and cable uses and can be found in many tool boxes in homes and maintenance workers. The basic wire stripper comes in manual form with adjustable size options or non-adjustable style, but it can also be upgraded to an automatic wire stripper. The automatic stripper does the work with a touch of the handle, leaving only the adjusting for you to control.

Compare your thermal cable stripper options

The thermal cable strippers use heat to remove the insulation shell without damaging the cable underneath. It can be used for coaxial cable, single strand, multi-strand and shielded wire. Thermal strippers are designed to work on many types of insulation including Teflon, vinyl, neoprene and more. They come with adjustable size tips and gauging to adjust the amount of heat you use.

Choose chemical wire stripping equipment for industrial uses

Chemical wire stripping equipment strips film insulation from magnetic wire, coaxial cable or extruded wire. The chemical process removes the insulation without damaging the wires inside. Working with a chemical stripping machine is highly technical and can be dangerous if the chemical process is jeopardized in any way. Only trained professionals should use chemical stripping machines.
NASA Workmanship Standards on wire preparedness for chemical stripping, or get helpful information about chemical stripping at Industrial Equipment News. To compare chemical stripper options, contact The Eraser Company. They manufacturer several chemical stripping systems.

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