Wireless Headsets

Stay connected without being connected with a wireless headset

In today’s frantic, multitasking world, we want to do it all -- without being tethered to a wire. Luckily, technology has answered our call with a vast selection of wireless headsets.

Whether working at the computer, answering calls in the office or talking on a cell phone, wireless headsets provide you with a hands-free, wire-free alternative to standard telephones, earphones and cell phones.

The selection, quality and design features vary widely from one wireless headset to the next. As you search for your next Bluetooth wireless headset, wireless office headset or wireless computer headset, you may want to first consider what you want in the following factors:

  1. Wireless range capabilities
  2. Battery talk time/stand-by time capabilities
  3. Battery charge time
  4. Audio quality/frequency

Keep it hands-free in the office

Wireless office headset systems are ideal for moving about the office and completing tasks while talking on the phone.

Investigate wireless headsets for computer use

Wireless computer headsets are ideal for voice recognition, recording and gaming purposes.

Find a wireless headset for when you're on the go

Bluetooth wireless headsets, for Bluetooth mobile phones, offer a huge selection of design features.

Relax with a wireless headset in your downtime

Wireless TV headsets allow you to listen to music or watch television without disturbing others. Wireless TV headsets easily connect to your TV, VCR/DVD player, stereo, radio or multimedia PC.
  • Consider the comfort level of different ear phone and ear bud designs when choosing your wireless headset.
  • On a budget? Consider buying a used or refurbished wireless headset system.

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