Wireless Intercoms

Improve workplace communication and security with commercial wireless intercoms

Regardless of your workplace environment, commercial wireless intercoms can prove to be an important method of communication between you and your employees at any given time.

Home offices, small office environments, large offices, manufacturing settings or construction sites can all benefit from the convenience and versatility offered by wireless intercoms. No wires mean a quick, inexpensive set-up without the need to dig trenches, run conduit and fish wire.

You may want to consider a wireless intercom system for your business if communication and security have become an issue. Some questions to consider when choosing a wireless intercom system for your business include:

1. What is the wireless intercom system's operating range?

2. Do I need to consider a weatherproof wireless intercom system for outdoor use?

3. How many wireless intercom units do I need?

4. Are there workplace conditions (i.e., concrete walls and floors) or equipment that could produce interference?

Consider different power options for your wireless intercom system

Commercial wireless intercom systems can operate using either a power outlet or batteries. Battery-operated units offer a true, wire-free intercom system, yet will at some point require replacement batteries. Commercial wireless intercom systems that utilize a power cord require a nearby outlet for operation.

Decide on mounting options for your wireless intercom

You can place many wireless intercoms can either on a table or desk, or they can be wall-mounted. Some commercial wireless intercom systems are even sold as flush-mounted units, which give the appearance of a wired, installed unit.

Choose a weatherproof, wireless intercom for outdoor applications

Setting up a wireless intercom system at the front door or reception area provides an added measure of security, as it allows you to control the number of people that can enter your workplace.
  • Choose a wireless business intercom system that has a longer transmission range than what you need. The longer range will better deal with the obstacles and environments encountered in a commercial setting.
  • Make sure the transmission range and the audio quality are acceptable prior to mounting your wireless business intercom system.

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