Wireless Internet Providers in Hawaii Pricing and Costs

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Wireless Internet providers in Hawaii pricing and costs are competitive and depend primarily on the services provided. Upload and download speed have a direct effect on the service costs. Other pricing factors may include the length of the contract and the number of email addresses permitted. Business packages, which are available through most Hawaii wireless ISP companies, provide faster connections and allow multiple users. Business packages typically offer a substantial savings per user over residential packages.

The cost of wireless Internet in Hawaii also depends on the specific type of service required. There are three general types of plans for wireless Internet service:
  1. Wireless Internet services in Hawaii for laptops. This is generally the most common form of wireless Internet access and allows the use of software not available on a cell phone.
  2. Hawaii wireless Internet services for cell phones. These services primarily consist of email and web browsing.
  3. Hawaii wireless Internet services that connect a phone to a laptop. This type of Internet access is useful for a laptop that does not already have a wireless modem.

Get prices for using Hawaii wireless ISPs with a laptop

There are many wireless Internet services in Hawaii that provide Internet access to a laptop that is equipped with a wireless modem. The prices for wireless Internet services in Hawaii vary widely according to connection speed and whether you choose a business or residential plan.

Find pricing on Hawaii wireless Internet services for a mobile phone

Cell phone companies in Hawaii frequently offer data plans that provide Internet access for their customers' cell phones. The prices for these plans in Hawaii depend primarily on the phone and amount of data usage required.

Obtain prices on wireless Internet providers in Hawaii for using a phone as a wireless modem

You can use a cell phone as a wireless modem in Hawaii by connecting it to a laptop in a process known as tethering. The cost of tethering a cell phone to a laptop in Hawaii depends primarily on the phone and the data plan required.

  • Hawaii wireless Internet providers generally charge a one time installation fee. This includes the installation of the antenna and cabling on the outside of the house, and customers may have the option of buying the equipment or using the provider's equipment. Some installation may have additional charges, such as when a larger antenna is required.

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