Wireless Internet Providers in Michigan Key Terms

Utilize wireless Internet providers in Michigan key terms to build a business communications plan

Unless you have the money and expertise to build and manage your own wireless network, choosing a reliable wireless Internet provider is paramount to your business success. The reason being is that wireless Internet is rapidly becoming a requirement for any business wanting to compete in today’s technology-infused environment. Before selecting a provider, you need to do some careful research to choose the correct company. An excellent place to begin this research is with a few wireless Internet providers in Michigan key terms. While these terms won't make you an expert, they will provide you with a solid knowledge on which to build industry expertise.

Sprint Mobile Broadband Network

The Sprint Mobile Broadband Network is a national wireless Internet network that offers service in the Michigan area. However, one of the drawbacks of using a national provider is lack of local knowledge and expertise. Nevertheless, they do offer proven nationwide services that are integral to any company that operates outside of Michigan.

3G networks

3G is short for third generation networks. This technology enables wireless Internet networks to rapidly transport large data files over the network. Before you choose a wireless Internet provider in Michigan, it's important to verify that the provider offers access to 3G network technology.


An ExpressCard is a piece of technology that allows you to access a wireless Internet network on a computer or laptop without any other expense. It plugs into a laptop or computer port and enables wireless service. Most wireless Internet service providers in Michigan have this option available or a similar technology.

FreedomNet Solutions

FreedomNet Solutions is a local wireless Internet provider in Michigan that began serving Western Michigan but is currently growing its service throughout the state and to neighboring ones.

Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance is an international non-profit group whose goal is to establish a single worldwide standard for wireless technology. They also certify local and national providers. Before choosing a wireless Internet provider in Michigan, make sure they're approved or a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

My Blue Dish

My Blue Dish is a rural wireless Internet service provider that serves the Michigan area. If your company does business in remote parts of the state this may be the best option.

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