Wireless Internet Providers in Minnesota Key Terms

Use wireless Internet providers in Minnesota key terms to improve company communications

As the need for business connectivity increases, finding the right wireless Internet provider in Minnesota becomes more and more important. A company that doesn't have reliable wireless Internet services is already one step or more behind the competition. However, before you choose a wireless Internet provider in Minnesota you need to have an understanding of the industry and the technology. An excellent place to begin this research is with a few key terms. From these terms, you can then expand your knowledge and make an informed wireless Internet provider decision.


An ExpressCard is an add-on device that makes any computer or laptop enabled for wireless Internet. For companies on a budget, this can be a cheaper alternative than purchasing new equipment that has built-in wireless capabilities. Ask about the availability of this product or something similar, prior to selecting a wireless Internet provider in Minnesota.


Compudyne is a local wireless Internet provider in Minnesota that's based in Duluth. They provide specialized wireless Internet packages for businesses in the area.

3G networks

3G stands for third generation and is quickly becoming a necessary technology for most wireless Internet users. This technology enables large amounts of data to travel faster over a wireless network. If your company transfers large files, it's prudent to choose a wireless Internet provider in Minnesota that offers the 3G technology.

Wireless coverage area

Before selecting an Wireless Internet provider in Minnesota it's imperative that you know their wireless coverage area. This is the area where the company guarantees wireless Internet service. If you operate outside this area, then you may need to choose another provider.

Boreal Access

Boreal Access is a non-profit organization for local wireless Internet service providers in Minnesota. This option is more for companies working on a very tight budget but that would like wireless Internet access. This organization can also be an excellent resource for information on wireless Internet providers in Minnesota.

Superior Broadband

Superior Broadband is a local wireless Internet provider in Minnesota mainly serving the northeastern part of the state.

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