Wisconsin Foreclosure Listings Basics

Learn some basic information associated with Wisconsin foreclosure properties

When it comes to Wisconsin real estate, there are different types of transactions that transfer properties to a new owner. Foreclosures refer to properties that have been seized by the lender, county or state because of unpaid mortgage debt or tax liens. A potential buyer must purchase the property by making an offer to cure that debt or winning the property at auction.

Take the time to learn some basic information about Wisconsin foreclosure listings so that you can make the most your real estate transactions and investments. Here are some quality resources to get you started on your journey. Think of your tutorial as "Wisconsin foreclosure listings basics."

1. Learn about Wisconsin foreclosure listings by viewing current websites that detail the foreclosures in Wisconsin by county.

2. Find out about the laws associated with Wisconsin foreclosure property.

3. Consult with a foreclosure attorney to learn about Wisconsin foreclosure laws.

Educate yourself on Wisconsin foreclosure listings by viewing websites dedicated to listing them

There are many real estate websites that are geared specifically to the foreclosure market. Foreclosure listings will look a bit different from normal real estate listings in that they will detail things like where the property is in the foreclosure process, how delinquent the payments are, and if there are any corresponding tax liens on the property.

Learn about Wisconsin foreclosure property law

While every state has some form of foreclosure process, the laws, rules and regulations can vary substantially between the states. Take the time to read up on the Wisconsin foreclosure laws and see how they might apply to your situation or potential real estate investments.
Wisconsin State Law Library and read the real property laws. These laws also detail the foreclosure laws within the state. Realty Trac also details Wisconsin foreclosure laws.

Consult with a real estate or foreclosure attorney to learn about the Wisconsin foreclosure process

Whether you are going through the Wisconsin foreclosure process or wish to invest in foreclosed properties in Wisconsin, it is wise to consult with a foreclosure attorney so that they can speak to the specifics of your situation. There are many attorneys throughout the state that specialize in foreclosure and real property law and which offer free consultations.