Wisconsin Public Records Basics

Determine Wisconsin public records basics to maximize your search results

Understanding Wisconsin public records basics helps locate specific documents. Whether you need a document to fill out legal paperwork or to prove the existence of a person or to document a criminal act, understanding the basics helps you determine where to look to find the document.

Searching through Wisconsin public records isn't a difficult task when you understand Wisconsin public records basics. Some of the key areas you might want to research include:

1. Finding Wisconsin divorce records and marriage records;

2. Understanding Wisconsin public records basics to aid you in your search through criminal records;

3. And browsing through Wisconsin death records and birth records to determine the existence of an individual.

Search through Wisconsin marriage records for genealogical studies and marriage verification

Sifting through marriage and divorce records in Wisconsin opens up a wealth of information for genealogists who are tracing family lines. It also helps researchers determine whether a specific individual ever filed for divorce after marriage.

Look through criminal records in Wisconsin to determine whether or not an individual has a record

Go to the public records in Wisconsin to determine whether or not an individual has a criminal background. Public records often show criminal records and background checks for sex offenders.
Wisconsin State Law Library details ways one goes about obtaining criminal records through agencies, on an individual basis or through online resources. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections allows site users to look for sex offenders either by name or by location. It searches the entire state of Wisconsin.

Find Wisconsin death certificates and birth certificates in public records

Looking through death and birth records in Wisconsin helps a researcher determine whether a person existed and whether or not they are still alive. This helps when filling out legal forms when determining family lines in genealogy.
Wisconsin Department of Health Services describes what one will find on the death certificate. It also explains how one might obtain a copy of a death certificate for an individual.

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