Wood Stairs Basics

Understand the wooden staircase and how it's built

Wooden stairs can be beautiful and a statement all their own. Any person--contractor, real estate agent and homeowner alike--can find themselves awed by a beautiful wood stair design. Using wood stair parts, you can create something classic and dramatic for the space.

Wood stairs basics will help you on your journey to add a wooden staircase to your project. Finding the right wooden staircase manufacturers, along with these tips, is key to creating the wooden stairs you always dreamed of.

1. Begin wood stair construction by determining the rise of the wooden staircase.

2. Determine the run of the wooden staircase.

3. Figure out the runs of the wooden steps.

Figure out the rise of the wooden stairs

This first step of wood stair construction must take in a lot of factors. The rise of the wooden staircase is the distance from the floor to the top of where the wooden stairs will be. Purchasing the right tools will help you get the job done right.

Determine the run of the wooden staircase

This figure depends on a lot of factors when building wood stairs. When determining the run of the stairs, consider the space where you will construct the wooden stairs as well as the building codes of your area.
Portland, Maine dictates that an interior wooden staircase, or any other material staircase, must have a landing or a space at the foot of the stairs that is 3 feet long. The Portland, Oregon website is another example of where you can find building code information to help you determine the run of your wooden staircase.

Create the runs of the wooden steps

To determine the runs of the step, there are a few things to consider. For a comfortable step up, one should not go above a certain height.
  • The wood stairs basics will help any stair project. Any town or city office will be a great resource as it can provide building code regulations for the height of wood stair railings and more. Keep in mind that when building a wooden staircase, it's possible to include other materials such as wrought iron railings, wires and anything imaginable. As long as you observe the building codes, the builder can allow the imagination to roam free.

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