Working with Educational Publishing Distributors and Wholesalers

Work more effectively with educational publishing distributors and wholesalers

Effectively working with educational publishing distributors and wholesalers is important to school systems and booksellers alike. When working with an educational publishing distributor, it is important for budget-conscious school systems and booksellers to get the most educational resources for the least money. In many cases, an educational publishing wholesaler will offer schools and classrooms free items and samples.

The educational publishing marketing industry offers preschool through college textbooks and teaching materials for schools, teacher resource stores and bookstores. With a good working relationship between a business and educational publishing distributors, product stocking and sales both increase. Consider the following benefits from working with educational publishing distributors and wholesalers:

1. An effective book supplier for educators offers training for using of materials.

2. A good book supplier for educators will offer resources in a variety of medias and on a variety of grade levels.

3. An educational publishing wholesaler provides samples for potential clients/educators.

Use a book supplier for educators that offers services after the sale

What takes place after the purchase of educational materials is as important as making the purchase. Once a school system or institution has decided which educational materials to purchase, it is equally important that distributors offer teachers the opportunity to learn how to use the materials effectively. In a good working relationship, the educational publishing supply company provides educators with instructions on using the materials. This can take the form of seminars and hands-on workshops. In some cases, distributors offer online training.

Choose an educational publishing distributor that offers resources in a variety of media forms

Teachers present information differently now than in the past. Educators use technology in their lessons. Students make use of email and Internet resources in their studies. It is important that educational publishing wholesalers and distributors provide teachers and students with a variety of resources to meet the needs of all learners. In an effective working relationship with book distributors, teachers gain access to online resources as well as print resources, CD-ROMs and PowerPoint resources.

Deal with an educational publishing distributor that offers working samples before the sale

Educators can choose from many educational book distributors. Because school systems often commit to one educational publisher for several years, it is essential to make wise decisions before selecting an educational publishing supply company. Seek samples from educational publishing distributors for textbook selection committees to view and try before a decision is made.