Working with Marketing Recruiters

Work with marketing recruiters to help you find that star employee

Working with marketing recruiters helps take the burden of finding a good employee off the shoulders of the Human Resource manager. There are two basic types of marketing recruiter firms that a business can use. With a contingency-based firm, you hire a marketing recruiter to fill a specific position at your company. You only pay the firm if you hire a person found through the firm. With retainer-based firms, the marketing recruiter may do several employment searches for your company and have a set price that you pay regardless of whether you hire his candidates.

There are many benefits to using a marketing recruiter. When considering hiring a professional to generate interest in your business's open positions, consider the following about advertising recruiting:

1. Hiring a marketing recruiter can save you time and resources.

2. Finding a good marketing recruiting company can simplify the hiring process.

3. Communicating with a marketing recruiters means clearly identifying your goals and needs for a new employee.

Find a marketing recruiting company that is part of a network

You may be looking for recruiters for marketing and advertising in one place, but take into account that some marketing and advertising recruiters have more connections than others. Some are part of a complex network that can help get the word out about your business and the position that you are currently offering to interested prospective employees.

Look for marketing recruiting firms that are capable of writing suitable copy

You want to communicate to your potential employees that your company is the best company to work for - especially since they'll likely be applying to other companies at the same time. Find a marketing recruiting firm that is willing and capable of translating your needs into a compelling advertisement. Remember that you want to "sell" your company's position to the right candidate, and recruiters for advertising agencies may be able to help you do this.

Keep the lines of communication open with your marketing recruiters

Hiring someone to find employees for you doesn't absolve you of the responsibility. You probably wouldn't trust a marketing recruiter to take over your business's operations for a few days without the proper training, so why let them hire your employees without your guidance? Keep your marketing recruiters up-to-date with your desires and needs and be specific. Remember that they can help you find the right person to hire, but only if you know who the right person is.

  • Online searches for "recruiters for marketing companies" may yield results for "headhunters," which is another common term used for recruiters.

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