Working with Truck Driving Schools

Locate truck driving schools for staffer training

Working with truck driving schools can mean a career path for some people, and it can mean an educated fleet force for others. Whether you are on the driving or the owner end of the rig, making sure that your drivers have had the proper truck driving education because truck driver training programs are essential.

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) training was put in place to enforce the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986, and having proper trucker education keeps our roads safe. Finding the right truck driver training also keeps your vehicle investment safe by making sure that your drivers properly handle your truck.

To find out more about working with truck driving schools:

1. Use a search engine or directory for trucking schools.

2. Begin working with truck driving schools by enrolling your drivers.

3. Budget accordingly if you have to send your staffers away for distant training at trucking schools farther away.

Use CDL training search engines to find commercial driving schools

Take advantage of trucker education search engines to locate available truck driving schools in your area to send your inexperienced drivers to for commercial driver training. Make sure that their trucking program comes complete with certified training, and that you do not reimburse your employee's training expenses until he or she passes the class.

Locate privately owned commercial truck driving schools

Obtain your staffers' CDL training from one of the many privately owned teaching schools across the country.

Find additional trucking schools in your area

Use one of the many more truck driving schools available across the US.
  • When enlisting your staffers in truck driving schools, one train of thought is to make them pay for their classes and you reimburse them in the end. That way they are invested in the time that it takes to study and finish the class, and you aren't stuck with the bill if they decide to quit midway through!
  • Try and choose a good school close to home for your employee so that they can spend the evenings at home and with their families. Offer to pay for their travel, lodging and food expenses if you have to send them away for training.