Workplace Health and Safety Posters

Workplace health and safety posters help employers and employees improve workplace safety

Workplace health and safety posters help ensure the safety of all people present in the work environment regardless of what kinds of health hazards may exist. In factories and warehouses, industrial safety posters help reduce risky behaviors that may result in injury. But even in a basic office environment work safety posters can help employees develop healthy work habits.

Federal and state regulations govern what work safety posters must be on display in the workplace, but employers should consider posting additional information beyond that which is required to promote a safe and healthy workplace environment for all:

  1. Know which federal and state OSHA health and safety posters that are required to be on display.
  2. Use a workers safety poster to give information on employer obligations and employee rights pertaining to health and safety.
  3. Post workplace safety posters with data and statistics about workplace injuries pertaining to your industry.
  4. Share information about general healthy habits that can be promoted within the workplaces.
  5. Update your health and safety posters regularly with current data and a variety of tips on how to maintain a safe, healthy workplace.

Follow OSHA standards on health posters

State and federal standards govern certain posters that you must put on display. Know the OSHA safety posters requirements for your type of business.

Choose industrial safety posters that work

Employees often overlook the standard safety posters. Draw attention to the importance of safety by choosing posters that your employees will notice.

Show your concern with health information posters

Health is also a workplace concern, so alert employees to health-related issues with additional health safety posters.

Update workplace safety/health posters

Update your health and safety poster displays with current federal and state requirements and laws, as well as changing health and safety tips.
  • Meet federal and state requirements first before adding additional information. If the required safety information is not on display, you could be subject to state or federal fines and penalties.
  • Consider the local flavor of your workplace. If your employees have expressed specific health and safety concerns, address those topics. Also, keep past accidents in mind as you select your workplace health and safety posters.
  • Couple your safety posters with awareness events. Posters need to be in place as a reminder, but to really ensure workers' safety, don't rely on posters alone to educate employees.

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