Zinc-Based Batteries

Find sellers and suppliers of zinc-based batteries to jumpstart your business and satisfy its energy needs

There are several types of zinc-based batteries and all have different applications, so it is important to know exactly what type of zinc battery you need before you go looking to purchase one. The main types of zinc-based batteries available on the market today are carbon zinc batteries and zinc chloride batteries (nickel-zinc batteries are another type of zinc-based battery being developed, but they are not yet widely available).

To aid you in your search for the best battery for your business, follow these guidelines while shopping for zinc-based batteries:

1. Know what types of machines you may need zinc-based batteries to power before you begin shopping. Certain batteries work best for certain jobs.

2. One kind of zinc-based battery (the nickel-zinc battery) is rechargeable and can be used hundreds of times instead of just being thrown out. If you can find it and it can be used appropriately for your business's applications, buying this kind of battery can be a smart choice. While the cost may appear to be higher up front, you'll be paid back by all the use you'll get out of it (and your business won't have so much waste, either).

3. If nickel-zinc batteries aren't really a viable option for your small business, research other options carefully to find the best one for your particular needs.

Carbon zinc batteries

Many businesses require some form of portable energy, and a carbon zinc battery is one solution to that problem. You can generally use a small, cylindrical type of battery, carbon zinc batteries, in place of many alkaline batteries.

Zinc chloride batteries

A zinc chloride battery is another of one of the several types of zinc batteries that are used for various business applications. Zinc chloride batteries are similar in size and construction to zinc carbon batteries, but they tend to weigh a little more, are less prone to leakage and will last a little longer.

Find a seller of zinc-based batteries for smaller applications, such as a zinc air battery

Zinc air batteries are one of the smaller zinc batteries. These are the best choice if your business is using or providing modestly sized electronics. Buy zinc-based batteries such as one for devices like pagers or hearing aids.

  • Some of these batteries, like zinc carbon batteries, can only be used once. When their charge is gone, they cannot be recharged and must be discarded. Look into recycling facilities in your area that handle battery disposal to make sure you're discarding your used zinc-based batteries responsibly.