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Biotechnology Contract Research Education and Training

Biotechnology contract research services serve an essential purpose in the biotechnology industry. These are the companies that provide innovation and testing for private firms and government organizations.

Biotechnology Contract Research Key Terms

Biotechnology contract research is the way medical and environmental companies help to improve the current status of their industry. Biotechnology contract researchers are hired to develop new ways of  treating humans in medicine or helping to reduce environmental problems in specific areas of the world's environment.

Contract Research Organizations - Dmoz

Sep 18, 2014 ... Amarex Clinical Research - Offers a full array of services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and medical diagnostic development ...

Cato Research - International Contract Research Organization ...

Cato Research is a full-service contract research and development ... to helping pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies efficiently and expeditiously ...

Contract research organization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A contract research organization (CRO) is an organization that provides support to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries in the form ...

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List of Contract Research & Manufacturing companies - BioPharmGuy

Directory of Contract Research & Manufacturing companies' websites. ... Analytical Work. Active Biotech, Lund, Sweden, Immunomodulator Contract Research. .: Biotechnology Companies meeting ... is the online marketplace where biotechnology ... Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical pharmacology ...

Biotech, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical News & Jobs

Biotech, clinical research, and pharmaceutical news and jobs as well as industry- renowned Career Fairs in various life science Hotbeds across the U.S..

Contract Research & Manufacturing - Massachusetts Biotechnology ...

Aberjona Laboratories, Contract Research & Manufacturing, Beverly, MA, Details ยป ... Blue Sky Biotech, Inc. Contract Research & Manufacturing, Worcester, MA ...

Premas Biotech - Home

Who are we! Premas is a custom protein research and manufacturing organization, which delivers end-to-end integrated discovery and development solutions to leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies. ... Contract Research Services.

Biotechnology Contract Research Organisation (CRO ...

BioAxis DNA Research Centre Private Ltd. facilitates the contract research in vast areas of life sciences viz. Microbial & Plant Biotechnology, DNA forensics, ...

Biotechnology - North Carolina's Southeast

Wilmington has one of the largest clusters of research contract organizations ( CRO) in the state and nation. Additionally, the University of North Carolina at ...

Guide to Biotechnology Contract Research

Contract research in biotechnology is engaged in the pursuit of new products, knowledge and services that are an improvement over those of the past or present. This research is a methodical, but also creative, original and investigative process that helps companies grow and progress in their industry.

Biotechnology contract research firms use science and math techniques in a systematic manner to find better ways of doing business, better devices, products and manufactured goods. Most companies only spend about 5% of their revenue on research and development. Some industries like pharmaceuticals, software and semiconductors usually spend a lot more—biotechnology may fit into this category. Consider the following when thinking about your biotech contract research:

1. Find biotechnology contracting companies for basic research.

2. Use applied research biotech contracting companies for new products and services.

3. Look at specialties in biotechnology contract service.

Use basic biotechnology contract research services to move society forward

Basics research is the kind of research often pursued by government, education and larger businesses. This research will help many people in many ways over the long term.
Colorado State University does basic research. Proteomics, metabolomics, genomics, bioinformatics are some of their specialties. ReaDev provides basic research and assay development services. They provide services in molecular biology, protein biochemistry and cell biology. They say that their approach to research is process driven and leads to reproducible and robust results.

Find applied biotechnology research services to improve products and services for consumers

Applied research is the kind of research that companies do to improve the bottom line. By doing so, companies grow and progress as they discover and implement improved products.
Zeus provides shunts, catheters, grafts and stents among other things to biotech community. Lifespan Biosciences offers immunohistochemistry specializing in tissue protein analysis. For proteins studied, IHC labeling and optimal antigen retrieval are identified. Custom protein profiling studies performed are charged by fee-for-service. Fill out a custom-design study request online for a quote. HemoGenix offers contract services for in vitro for general and hemotoxicity testing.

Look at specialties in biotechnology contract research service

Research and development is a process that involves investigation and creative discovery. In the biotechnology industry, there are a number of specialties and emphases to consider such as food and environment microbiology among others.
MiL out of in St. Louis, Missouri is a full service microbiology lab and performs analysis in environmental and food microbiology. Cell Trends offers a broad range of contract lab services including virology-based techniques and tissue work.
  • Governmental, educational and big business institutions will have funds for basic research. Smaller companies generally do applied research, but the budget is more limited. A small biotechnology contract research company will want to talk to a business consultant about how much to spend on R&D to stay competitive. Biotechnology is one of those companies that usually require more funds for R&D than the average 5% most companies spend.

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