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Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing continues to develop new and better systems to provide bulk pharmaceuticals with the basic materials for finished drugs and other modalities. By sticking with the same bulk drugs and intermediates manufacturers, you may be missing out on new developments made by other bulk pharma manufacturers.

Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Safety

Bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing safety is of serious concern to all. Patients and customers want to know that the manufacturers have processed drugs and chemicals safely.

Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Key Terms

Bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing is one of the most important parts of any pharmaceutical sales company. If your research has developed a new drug that has received Food and Drug Administration approval, the only to create it in large quantities, without buying the equipment yourself, is to use a bulk pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in Medications - Pharmacy

Also known as bulk pharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, or APIs, ... between APIs and drugs makes it possible for manufacturers to specialize, ...

Pharmaceutical Bulk Manufacturing Facility, Ireland - Fluor

The Cruiserath bulk manufacturing facility was designed to produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) for a range of healthcare treatments. This expansive ...

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Active ingredient - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The similar terms active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and bulk active are also ... One way manufacturers have attempted to indicate strength is to engage in ...


The principles and information in this chapter can be applied to the manufacture of all bulk pharmaceutical excipients (referred to throughout this document as ...

General Chapters: <1078> GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES ...

Active Ingredient: a substance or bulk pharmaceutical chemical that is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis, cure, ...

ScinoPharm Bulk Pharmaceutical Plant - Pharmaceutical Technology

The ScinoPharm bulk pharmaceutical plant is located at the Tainan Science ... are subcontracting the production of bulk pharmaceuticals to other companies on  ...

Active pharmaceutical ingredients - World Health Organization

or manufacturing authorizations or pharmaceutical applications. All commitments ... In addition, the guide does not apply to medical gases, bulk-packaged FPPs,.

Bulk Pharmaceuticals Task Force -

SOCMA's BPTF has developed a quality agreement template for use by the drug  ...

Profile of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Sep 1, 1997 ... Production of Bulk Pharmaceutical Substances . .... Table 16: Top 10 TRI Releasing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Supplies for Bulk Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing is a growing industry and all drug manufacturing companies require certain supplies for the manufacturing process. Supplies for bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing vary by the type of pharmaceutical product produced. No mater what type of bulk pharmaceuticals you produce there are businesses that supply bulk supplies for you. If your company produces pharmaceuticals, find the right supplies at the right price point to boost both productivity and sales.

Supplies for pharmaceutical manufacturing include machinery, capsules or vials, and packaging products. The most important supply is machinery, which is used in all facets of the manufacturing process including packaging machinery, incaspulators and caplet or tablet machines. The best machinery for your product boosts productivity. Caspules, vials or bonding agents are needed when making pills or serums. Accessories are used to package the product for sale or shipping.

1. Purchase bulk drug manufacturing machinery.

2. Locate capsules and vials for bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing.

3. Buy packaging products for bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Buy machinery from bulk drugs and intermediates manufacturers

Bulk drug manufacturing machinery is a vital part of any bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing company. This equipment creates and packages the bulk pharmaceuticals. Packaging machines such as incapsulators, bottle fillers, cappers and sealers increase the product output.

Locate capsules and vials for bulk pharma manufacturers

To effectively manufacture bulk pharmaceuticals, a company must buy capsules, vials or bounding agents to create the product. The type of product your company creates and the type of machinery you own dictates what production materials your company needs.

Purchase accessories for bulk pharmaceuticals industry

Accessories for the pharmaceutical industry include all items used to package the product such as pill bottles, boxes and lids. These accessories come in all shapes and sizes in order to fit the manufacturer's requirements.
  • With the exception of herbal products, pharmaceuticals are regulated by the FDA. Research the proper way to process these pharmaceuticals.
  • Most pill bottle caps include an inner safety seal. Once the caps are screwed on tightly, the seal secures itself to the rim of the bottle.

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