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Find software for medical records and electronic patient charts. Research medical record software vendors offering solutions for managing electronic medical records. Identify electronic health records software solutions that suit your business needs.

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Electronic Medical Records Software

Stuffing paper patient charts into bulging file folders is no longer the only way to manage medical records. That's right: medical records are going high tech.

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Medical records possess all the needed information about a patient, including illnesses, insurance information, a health summary, complaints and treatments. The management and handling of these records fall under certain restrictions and guidelines.

What Is an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)? -

Aug 29, 2014 ... An EMR contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider's office. Electronic health records (EHRs) go beyond the data ...

Electronic health record - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

However, medical and healthcare providers have ... The idea of a centralized electronic health record system has been ...

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) | Healthcare IT News

An EMR is a digital version of a paper chart in a clinician's office. It contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice.

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Electronic Medical Records Software - 2014's Best EHRs

Reviews and ratings of the leading electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) systems. Get free EMR cost information, product demos ...

AMA Urges Overhaul of Electronic Records - WSJ

Sep 16, 2014 ... The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Ariz., is redesigning some exam rooms so that physicians can work on electronic medical-records and not turn ...

Electronic Medical Records | EMRs & eHealth | Innovation and ...

Electronic medical records (EMRs) are a vast improvement over paper records. They allow more than one person to use a patient's chart, are usually bet.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - GE Healthcare

EMR solutions from GE Healthcare's Centricity™ portfolio have been setting standards for ambulatory and enterprise EMR solutions for more than two decades.

Electronic Medical Record Systems | AHRQ National Resource ...

Electronic medical record (EMR) systems, defined as "an electronic record of health-related information on an individual that can be created, gathered, managed ...

The Ups and Downs of Electronic Medical Records - The Digital ...

Oct 8, 2012 ... The case for electronic medical records is compelling: They can make health care more efficient and less expensive, and improve the quality of ...

Practice Fusion: Free Electronic Health Records

Free and secure, web-based electronic health records (EHR) that enables both physicians and patients to manage their medical correspondence and health ...

MDS Medical Software

Register for a free web demo of Greenway PrimeSUITE 2011 PM/EHR Software. Qualifies for federal EHR incentives for outpatient physician practices.
Practice Fusion Web-Based Electronic Health Records

Free, web-based electronic health records (EHR). Safe, secure and easy to manage electronic medical records (EMR) for physicians and patients.

Using Medical Records

Anybody working in the electronic medical records field knows about the move toward paperless technology in electronic medical records. Electronic medical records allow for better documentation, less paper waste, more compliance with federal and other regulatory systems and more efficient patient care. But offices use electronic medical records in different ways, and managers and planners can get some insight from online sites about how to use electronic medical records effectively.

A medical practice has electronic medical records and electronic patient charts piling up with each new patient visit. Auxiliary software packages and tools help offices use their electronic medical records to do scheduling, billing and more. Doctors, managing nurses and others might look for:

1. Administrating patient care day to day in an office, where electronic medical records provide critical data on patient history and more.

2. Financial medical accounting, where records can be linked to efficient electronic medical records software tools for billing, viewing accounts and other accounting.

3. In new ways to streamline the medical office process with emerging versions of medical record software and other tools.

Use electronic medical records for daily administration

Medical offices find supplemental tools for using patient records to help out with patient identification, scheduling and recording conditions and treatments. Look to online firms for outfitting an office with these kinds of capabilities.

Use electronic medical records software for billing and accounting

Another useful feature of computerized medical records is that they contain not only the demographic data but often the exact patient history needed for billing big insurance payers or making up detailed billing that needs to go out the door. Link up records to these resources to get the ball rolling on reimbursement.

Stay on top of using electronic medical records in new and exciting ways

In addition to time tested way to use computerized patient records, some offices are looking toward the future, getting input from companies researching all of the possibilities for more handling of paperless electronic medical patient records for office results.

  • Your electronic medical records are only as good as the staff that uses them. When ramping up a campaign for better tools and practices, don't rely on information to trickle down to everyone. Hold full work sessions with all of the office staff and make sure everyone's on the same page.

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