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Find providers of medical equipment repair and maintenance services. Research medical device repair companies offering biomedical, dental, and hospital equipment repair services. Identify a medical device maintenance company that suits your needs.

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Maintenance and Repair of Medical Devices

Medical equipment is the mainstay of hospitals, laboratories and many doctor offices. Healthcare professionals depend on these devices to diagnose, treat and monitor patients.

Maintenance and Repair of Medical Devices Basics

Expand your knowledge of maintenance and repair of medical devices that you use in your business. This type of equipment is very expensive, delicate and difficult to replace, both in the short and long term.

Maintenance and Repair of Medical Devices Key Terms

Medical devices are intricate pieces of equipment that work to repair the human body. Many medical devices are only used once, but others require extensive storage and maintenance since they will be used multiple times.

Medical and Scientific Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

An alliance of independent companies servicing medical and scientific equipment, and providing on-site maintenance and technical support. Headquarters in ...

Medical Equipment Repairers - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Medical equipment repairers install, maintain, and repair patient care equipment. ... Occupational Outlook Handbook · Installation, Maintenance, and Repair > ...

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How to Become a Medical Equipment Repair Technician

Medical equipment repair technicians work for hospitals, clinics, wholesale ... of equipment operation and function, installation, repair and maintenance ...

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and Repair - Defense ...

to be used In deciding whether individual medical equipment items are to be contrftted out for maintenance and repair, or serviced by in house Biomedical ...

Medical Devices and Equipment Management: Repair and ...

The Medical Devices Agency helps safeguard public health by working with users, manufacturers ..... The repair and maintenance of a medical device or item of.

Medical Equipment Maintenance Manual - Rice 360˚ Institute for ...

Medical Equipment Maintenance Manual First line maintenance for end users. 2. Foreword ..... It can be seen that maintenance and repair is just one element.

8a Medical equipment maintenance - - World Health ...

Medical equipment maintenance programme overview. ..... Medical equipment: Medical devices requiring calibration, maintenance, repair, user training, and ...

Medical Equipment Repairer - Money - US News & World Report

U.S. News's medical equipment repairer job overview with comprehensive ... important repairs on a deadline, medical equipment repairers perform maintenance and ... The need for individuals who can repair medical equipment is expected to ...

Horizon CSA, LLC: Medical Equipment Maintenance, Repair and ...

Get comprehensive medical equipment repair, maintenance and management services focused on your medical technology management & clinical engineering  ...

Pricing and Costs of Maintenance and Repair of Medical Devices

Learn more about the pricing and costs of maintenance and repair of medical devices. This type of equipment represents a significant asset and a large financial investment. The proper maintenance and care increases the useful life and reduces the annual cost of the equipment. The cost of the maintenance must be considered as part of the decision making process for maintenance on medical equipment.

Expand your knowledge about the maintenance costs of medical devices and equipment in order to improve the purchasing decision. The more information you have about current and future costs, the better decision can be made. Follow the three steps below to learn more about pricing and costs of medical equipment repair.

1. Learn about medical equipment repair companies.

2. Investigate service contracts for medical equipment repair.

3. Look into medical device repair usage.

Explore medical equipment repair companies

Investigate the costs involved in medical device repair in a systematic way. Make a list of all the equipment that you have, the year it was made, the purchase price and the estimated years of service expected from the equipment. Divide the purchase cost by the total number of serviceable years to arrive at the annual depreciation value. Determine a reasonable percentage of this value as your medical device repair budget.

Look into service contract for medical device repair

Research the cost of a service contract or health equipment repair when purchasing new equipment. A flat rate is charged for an annual service contract. A service contract on new medical device equipment ranges from $ 3,000 to $10,000 per year, depending on the equipment.

Investigate medical device repair based on usage

Analyze the projected usage of the hospital equipment repair and determine peak demand. Calculate the total cost of lost revenue and productivity incurred when the medical equipment is not available, due to repair or breakdown. Obtain pricing for an after hours service plan of medical device maintenance. The average hourly rate should be between $55 and $75 per hour.
  • Medical device equipment service life can be extended through careful maintenance, or shortened through carelessness and lack of attention to details. Educate your technicians on the cost of the machine and of the issues surrounding maintenance and repair.

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