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Healthcare Practice Management Consultants

As a trained medical professional, the last thing you want to do is spend time managing your office. More and more paperwork means less time to practice medicine.

Telemedicine Services

Telemedical services involve sending medical information via phone, computer, video conferencing or any other sort of technological transfer. The type of telehealth services you want to provide determines the type of telemedicine equipment and supplies you'll need.

IME Healthcare Consultants

Independent medical examiners are medical consultant companies that provide an impartial exam to document the presence or absence of health concerns that may result in financial liability. Employers, their third-party representatives and life insurers are a few examples of those who use the services of IME healthcare consultants.

Medical Equipment Trade Organizations

If you own a company in the medical equipment industry, you would do well to partner with medical device trade associations to strengthen your business expertise and credibility. Industry organizations bring together professionals with similar goals and challenges.

Dental Practice Sales

You now have your dentistry degree in hand and it's time to decide: do you open a new practice or buy a dentistry practice? There are many advantages to buying an existing dentistry practice: you'll have an established patient base and all your equipment and, possibly, your staff in place. In contrast, it could take years to get a new practice fully functioning and profitable.

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Healthcare Information Resources

Healthcare is important for everyone, so healthcare information resources will help you make the best decision for your family or your company. The right healthcare information can teach you about your choices and about the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Home Health and Long Term Care Consultants

Home health care consulting, as well as long term care, are important matters in an ever-aging society. Quality care for the elderly is not always easy to come.

Clinical Practice Software

In the business of medicine, good clinical practice guidelines are as important as good clinical protocols for treating patients. Health care organizations follow clinical practice guidelines in managing their daily activities and patient care.

Medical Transcription Software

Comparing medical transcription software options can be overwhelming, but if you narrow down your options by looking for software that handles the tasks with which you specifically need help, you'll save yourself a lot of time and effort. Make a list of these tasks then break your list down into software needs and wants.

Training for Health Care Administration

Health care management jobs abound if you come to the medical practice management table with the right credentials. While entry-level health care administration software jobs are prolific, the better paying jobs in hospital management and healthcare administration require knowledge that only comes from training and experience.

Health Care Administration Industry Overview

Hospital management continues to evolve as technology provides new ways of managing staff, patients and billing. Health care administration software has streamlined many of the practices that used to require manual operating procedures.

Working with Healthcare Consultants

Healthcare consulting firms can help you navigate the evolving healthcare landscape so that you can maximize your time and resources. Healthcare consulting companies can serve as third-party sounding boards when you want to incorporate new plans.

Advanced Foot and Ankle

Provides foot and ankle care services and information.
Advanced Foot and Ankle

Serves as a specialist providing treatment for foot and ankle pain.
Home Health Care Agencies

A home health care resource that lists a directory of over 25,000 Medicare-certified home health agencies and private duty home care providers.

Established in 1978, JD.MD. Inc. provides comprehensive medical malpractice and dental expert witness services across United States and Canada.
Pinnacle Quality Insights

Improving senior care & nursing home quality assurance begins with Pinnacle QI, one of the leading providers of employee & patient satisfaction.

Medical Consulting

Medical consultants are professionals who will provide consulting services related to practice management, billing, advertising, and anything else related to running a medical business. In the next few paragraphs, you will find valuable information that will help you understand what medical consulting is and how it can help each individual business process. Within this article you will learn about benefits, pitfalls, and pricing information related to the use of medical consulting services. Some of the benefits are related to time management and staffing issues, which are common worries among businesses. This guide will provide you with the tools necessary to decide if a medical consultant is the right choice for your company. 



Consultants specializing in the medical field are available for virtually any task that you need, and they can benefit your practice in many different ways. The medical consulting field is being used more and more by medical professionals; the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the management, scientific, and technical consulting industries will grow 83% by 2018.




If you have a need for a service but no expertise in-house, you can most likely find a consultant to fill the void. Many consultants come in to train employees on new technology, perform one-off projects such as surveys or marketing campaigns, or perform accounting audits. With consultants specializing in 360 different types of expertise, you are sure to find one that can fill your needs.


Minimize Staffing Issues


Smaller practices in particular can benefit from the use of medical consultants, as the consultants can provide ad hoc services that limit the number of employees you need to keep on staff. If your small practice cannot support a full-time finance person, for example, you can hire a consultant to come in on a semi-regular basis, saving you the cost of training, taxes, and insurance.


Increased Productivity


Consultants are especially useful in the technology arena, where equipment and methods quickly become outdated. A consultant can come in and give quick and thorough training to bring your employees up to speed in a timely manner, rather than having them learn on their own. Having a professional efficiently show them the ropes will increase your staff’s productivity and your profitability.


Free Up Your Time


There are many medical consultants who specialize in streamlining practices and coming up with solutions to common problems. This allows you to spend less time worrying about issues that arise and concentrate on making your business more profitable.


Using medical consultants makes good business sense. A recent survey by Medical Economics concluded that more than 80% of those who used medical consultant services were happy with the work that was done. Whether you are looking to make your staff more productive or your business more profitable, hiring consultants on an ad hoc or semi-regular basis can be very beneficial.



The medical field continues to experience greater demand, and many medical facilities and practices have turned to medical consulting as a means to improve the structure of their businesses. However, any practice that seeks a medical consulting company should be aware of some potential pitfalls.

Personality Conflicts

In many cases, consultants are hired and paid to give their opinions. If your practice has done things a certain way for a length of time, verify that all associated with the practice are willing to make changes based on a consultant’s advice. Medical consultants generally have researched the field thoroughly and can provide helpful information about trends. Be sure you’re willing to accept the advice before you pay someone for it.

Wrong Type of Consultant

A medical consultant is hired to improve some aspect of operations for a provider. Consultants may specialize in billing, human resources, image and branding, accounting, or numerous other fields. Therefore, it is imperative that you clarify your goals and expectations when searching for a medical consultant, so you can identify the correct person. If you need a specialist, limit your search to that field. If you are not sure exactly what you need, revisit your business plan and goals before searching for consulting services.


Hiring a consultant is expensive. More information can be found in the pricing section, but on average, consultants with five to nine years experience earn between $60,000 and $90,000. Be sure you consider your return of investment before you take the step of hiring a consultant.

Know Your Agenda

If you think you already know what solutions are best for your medical practice, hiring a consultant might be counterproductive. An individual who enters a consulting relationship with a predetermined agenda or solution can become frustrated if the consultant’s opinions differ. Ultimately, how you run your medical practice is up to you. If you don’t feel you need assistance in a particular area, seeking a consultant is unnecessary. 


The cost of medical consulting depends on the tasks to be completed, the deadline for completion, and the number of consultants and assistants to be involved. Some consulting firms charge a flat rate per project, with additional fees for scope creep. The majority of consultants charge an hourly or daily rate with a certain percentage of the project paid up front.

Hourly Examples

Hourly consulting fees range from $75 to $400. According to, experienced medical consultants earn between $62,000 and $90,000 annually across various clients.

Flat Rate Examples

Depending on the size of the practice, appraisals and financial assessments cost approximately $5,000. Confidential job search placements can cost 10% to 15% of the hired candidate’s salary.



As you can see, the use of a medical consultant has numerous benefits and pitfalls. Benefits include the availability of consultants specializing in different areas, minimized staffing needs, increased productivity and profitability, and improved time management. All of these benefits allow you to concentrate on making your business more profitable. Potential pitfalls include personality conflicts between the consultant and your staff, hiring the wrong type of consultant, and the overall costs of bringing a specialized consultant into your team. As a business owner, it is imperative that you weigh all of these issues when deciding whether or not to hire a medical consultant.