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Providers of mental healthcare in a structured environment.

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Residential Mental Health Facilities Key Terms

Residential mental health facilities offer a variety of services to patients under various different circumstances. Often times, the terms associated with these services can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming.

In Patient Care | Mental Health America

To help in choosing an inpatient or residential treatment facility, if you have a choice of available facilities in your area, it can be helpful to talk with your ...

30 member facilities offering residential care to adults with serious ...

American Residential Treatment Association; an association of mental health treatment organizations formed in 1992 to promote and enhance residential mental ...

Therapeutic Community - Residential Mental Health Facilities - Long ...

Therapeutic community provides long-term, residential treatment of mental illness , including schizophrenia, bipolar, psychosis treatment in a long-term ...

Skyland Trail - nonprofit, residential mental health treatment - Atlanta

The George West Mental Health Foundation provides an environment of treatment, education, and support for adults with mental illness.

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Pasadena Villa - Residential Mental Health Treatment Centers

A unique residential treatment facility for adults suffering from chronic mental illness. Specializes in residential services for schizophrenia and Asperger's ...

Residential Mental Health Treatment Facility | Spring Lake Ranch

Spring Lake Ranch is a residential mental health treatment facility. Our work- centered therapy takes place in a therapeutic community where all members ...

NAMI | A Resource for Families Considering Residential Treatment ...

If you are a caregiver who has utterly exhausted community mental health care ... In the US , private residential treatment facilities for youth serve 10,000 to ...

Acadia Treatment Facility Locations | Acadia Healthcare -Mental ...

Acadia Healthcare's behavioral health treatment facilities specialize in helping ... Oasis Behavioral Health: Residential mental health and addiction treatment for ...

Crestwood Behavioral Health - programs

We operate all our facilities on the basic premise that mental health issues are ... programs in secure, residential settings with a focus on brief lengths of stay.

Residential Treatment Center

We help people find the best residential treatment center. Residential treatment centers provide intensive inpatient treatment in a residence.
Substance Rehab Center

Directory of facilities specializing in the treatment of substance abuse.

Residential Mental Health Facilities Basics

Mental health residential facilities are places for inpatient treatment, typically a campus or facility, for serious emotional and behavioral disorders. At these facilities, food, shelter, counseling, and 24-hour staff are part of the provisions for intensive therapeutic treatment. Residential psychiatric facilities provide care for children, adolescents, adults and mature adults who suffer from mental illness and generally provide treatment for 30 or more days.

Many benefit from residential care or "out of home" care due to the nature of their illness. Inpatient mental health facilities offer patients time to stabilize and prepare to re-enter society as an independent, functioning member. When considering a residential program, consider the following:

1. Clarify the terms describing residential psychiatric facilities.

2. Understand when mental illness requires residential psychiatric facilities.

3. Know how to admit someone into residential psychiatric facilities

Get clarification on the types of mental health facilities

Many people use certain terms interchangeably for mental health facilities, such as: residential mental health facilities, inpatient psychiatric facility, residential mental facilities, psychiatric residential facilities, inpatient mental health facility, behavioral health facilities and mental health hospitals. The question is - do they mean the same thing? Inpatient and residential care mean the patient lives in the facility 24 hours a day. Psychiatric and mental health are the same; these specialized facilities treat mental illness to support mental health.

Identify when a worker might need inpatient mental health facilities

Mental health facilities come into play when a mental illness affects a person's behaviors, thoughts, feelings and relationships due to environmental stress, genetics predisposition, psychological or biological influences. The person is unable to cope with everyday routines or life pressures. Signs that show the need for extra care include: depression, anxiety, thought/speech difficulty, moodiness and cognitive disorganization. With the help of a professional health-care provider, consider psychiatric residential facilities if a person's symptoms become unmanageable and the person is unable to function within society.
SAMSHA's National Mental Health Information Center website. Also, be aware of specific ideas to help with mental illness in the workplace by consulting Psych Central.

Know methods of admitting someone to mental health facilities

There are two ways to gain admittance into psychiatric residential facilities - voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary admittance is when the person is willing to sign themselves into the hospital and commit to stay for a certain time period for evaluation and recommendations, while an involuntary admission is when the person is committed into an inpatient mental health facility against their will. If you need to commit someone, check your state guidelines for residential mental health facilities basics.

  • Consult a professional to determine whether your employee or colleague needs inpatient mental health facilities or outpatient care.

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